Sikhism and Racial Profiling – short documentary depicting and addressing some of the misconceptions faced by Sikhs as part of my end of school Project (Bakshind Kaur)

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My name is Bakshind Kaur. I am residing in Penang, Malaysia. I am studying in Fairview International School. I created a short documentary depicting and addressing some of the misconceptions faced by Sikhs as part of my end of school Project. The documentary depicts my investigation process of discovering some of the main causes and effects of those misconceptions. The aim of the documentary is to educate and spread awareness of the profiling of all races in general as well. An additional concept that is brought to attention is to not blame a whole race and discriminate against them for something that was done by only a few. My target audience are people of other races and religions such as Chinese, Christian and Indian, particularly in Malaysia.

My documentary illustrates my learning journey throughout discovering new information and facts about Sikhism, some of the main misconceptions about Sikhism, relationships of major triggering events of racial profiling of Sikhs such as the 9/11 attack and how those events have aggravated hate crimes and racial profiling. A number interviewees were consulted to obtain their opinions and views on the effects of the above events on the number of global hate crimes and intensity of racial profiling. They were also questioned about some of the solutions to decrease the number of hate crimes and racial profiling intensity. From these interviews, I was able to gain a vast amount of information and opinions from the perspectives of professionals and highly educated individuals. My documentary, together with fulfilling the mentioned objectives, also serves as a platform for me to express my love and concern towards my religion, Sikhism, what is stands for and believes in. I hope my documentary would be able to fulfil its objectives to its fullest potential and I hope its effects would be wide and long lasting.

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Bakshind Kaur – exhibiting my documentary and project board during an exhibition.

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The opinion expressed in the video are that of Bakshind Kaur and the speakers in the video.