by Dr Anurag Singh

First it was Comrade Purewal who introduced Indian National Saka Calendar in 2003 in the sacred name of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and called it Nanakshahi Calendar Samvat.  This so-called symbol of Separate Identity of the Sikhs was neither a Calendar nor Samvat.  

First a Calendar is prepared and then it starts with a particular event of history and that event is the Samvat in the Calendar.

Comrade Purewal could not confront the irrefutable historical evidence and primary rules of a Calendar and Samvat that:

  1. How a Indian National Saka Hindu Calendar is called Nanakshahi Calendar by him.
  2. How a Copied Calendar can be called a Samvat Nanakshahi, when it was introduced in 2003CE from the month of Chet, whereas Guru Nanak was neither born in the month of Chet nor in the year 2003.
  3. This biggest fraud in the shape of Nanakshahi Calendar imposed by the Comrade Lobby, active in SGPC under Jathedar Gurcharan Singh Tohra with backseat driving of Harkishen Singh Surjeet was discontinued in 2010 CE after marathon meetings at Amritsar and Fatehgarh Sahib.  The Indian Government also discontinued its original version in 2015.
  4. Hard pressed by overwhelming historical facts and evidence Comrade Purewal conceded in 2014 that Solar Calendar can not be made on the basis of Gurbani.  With this self-admission of Comrade Purewal the fate of his So-called Nanakshahi Calendar was sealed permanently and he started the campaign from certain Surrogate Leaders and they too were silenced in 2015 with Seven Post by this Servitor of Guru.
  5. Now two more Duplicate PUREWALS have emerged, Who have dished out new non-sensical dates of AGMAN PURAB of Guru Nanak Dev Ji; one is the known hired Bhekhi Sikh,named Majhi and the second one is S.Khushal Singh, running Kendari Singh Sabha in Chandigarh.Both of them claim that their followers should celebrate Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji according to Original Nanakshahi Calendar.  See their posts; according to one it should be celebrated on BAISAKHI and according to the second supporter of Original Nanakshahi it should be celebrated on 15th April.  Both the dates were never cited or mentioned in the So-called Original Nanakshahi Calendar of Comrade Purewal.  Let them give a photo of the Original Copy of Comrade Purewal’s Nanakshahi Calendar from 2003-2010 and show where these two dates April 14 and April 15 were mentioned.  In The said Calendar Katak Puranmashi dates upto 2020 were calculated and mentioned.
  6. In no historical record Guru Nanak’s date of birth is mentioned as 1st Vaisakh (Vaisakhi).  Only in Miharban’s Janamsakhi (condemned by Guru Arjan Dev Ji and Bhai Gurdas) this date was altered along with place of birth of Guru Sahib from Nankana Sahib to Chahal, Nanake of Guru Sahib.  Karam Singh Historian too relying on this date erroneously quoted Bhai Gurdas’s Var: “Ghar ghar andar dharmsal hovai Kirtan sada vasova.  “Vasova is 1st Vaisakh and not Vaisakh Sudi 3.  Vaisakh Sudi 3 in 1469 was 20 Vaisakh and this year it shall be 29thApril.  April 14 of Slanderer Majhi is 2 Vaisakh and not Vaisakhi and April 15 is 3 Vaisakh and not Vaisakhi.April 14 was Vaisakh Vadi 3,which Majhi confused with Vaisakh Sudi 3.  Khushal Singh’s date April 15 was Vaisakh Vadi 4 and not Vaisakh Sudi 3.
  7. Guru Tegh Bahadur ji celebrated Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev at Dhamdhan on Katak Puranmashi of 1665CE at Dhamdhan and Guru Gobind Singh ji celebrated the birthday of Guru Nanak at Kapal Mochan on Katak Puranmashi in 1688 CE.  (See a near-contemporary record Sakhi Pothi and Guru kian Sakhian,Trs by Purewal).  These two facts nails the perfidious lies of Karam Singh Historian that upto the time of Ranjit Singh Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was celebrated in the month of Vaisakh and it was changed during the British regime.

Beware of such duplicate PUREWALS and be vigilant in future from such mischievous and misleading advertisements.

Guru Fateh