Dya Singh – Simran

Lekh 114 (page 4-6) – Simran Part 19 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

Sat sangat or the assembly of spiritually awakened souls.

  1. By associating with the saints the sins fly away. By associating with the saints the mortal sings the praises of the Ambrosial Name. 271  
  2. Who so ever utters it gets emancipated. Some rare person attains it by association with the saint. By ‘His Grace’ the Lords places His Name in the mind and thus even the beasts, goblins and the stony fools swim across. 274 
  3. Standing or sitting meditate on God and enshrine affection for the saints society. Nanak when the Supreme Lords abides in man’s mind, his evil intellect is destroyed. 297  
  4. Just as impure iron , touching the philosopher’s stone is transmuted into gold, similarly a sinful person, blessed with Guru’s instruction in the society of saints, becomes blotless and is rendered immaculate. 1297 

The experience of peace and comfort that is derived from the company of elevated souls becomes the source of salvation even for animals and spirits.

  • Directing a thought to something or to a point is called attention. 
  • Attention is compulsory for the material and spiritual progress or success.

If our concentration on something we are doing is deep, one pointed and sharp ‘like, needle’, then the result will be beautiful, substantial and beneficial.

Without concentration none of our plans, thoughts, discussions or work can be successful.

Work carried out with superficial mind will be

  • incomplete, 
  • wrong, 
  • without benefit, 
  • harmful and 
  • troublesome.

In the same way religious recitals, worship and rituals without attention are

  • hollow, 
  • joyless, 
  • without feeling, 
  • without benefit and 
  • dead methods.

Guru Nanak, not joining the kadis in their prayer in Sultan pur because they were not concentrating, is an illustration of this point i.e. our religious actions and rituals without concentration are fruitless.

  1. They who do not have God’s love in their heart hatch many false plots. 171 
  2. The worshippers’ of materialism , who for the sake of their desires and anothers’ love cultivate evil passions, they are all worthless and ignorant. He who has faith, fruitful is his singing of the Lord’s praise. He alone obtains honour in the Lord’s court. They , who without faith fraudulently hypocritically and falsely close their eye’s, their pride shall ultimately wear off. 734

To communicate by telephone, it has to be connected to a specific number. If this number is unobtainable or if the receiver is not lifted, then between the two side there will be no

  • conversation, 
  • sharing, 
  • exchange and 
  • business.

Exactly in the same way, if while reading-worshipping and meditating the concentration of our mind is not one-pointed or focused, then, we will be deprived of the innate deep and very subtle meaning of gurbani and the touchstone effect of simran will not take place.

For this reason we are again and again urged and ordered to:

To be continued

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