Today S. Parkash Singh Badal issued a statement that he never interfered in the religious affairs of the community, which are being handled by the SGPC independently. It may give self-satisfaction to Senior Badals Sahib, but to the public it is amusing and misleading to the core for the following reasons:

  1. Why Akali Dal’s President Junior Badal is silent? A joint statement should have been released, as names of both father and son have been mentioned by the Ex-Jathedar, Giani Gurmukh Singh.
  2. Then why SGPC elections are contested by the party?
  3. Why the religious traditions of Khalsa Panth, formulated in the 18th Century on the basis of Commandments of the Gurus were given quit-chit by this very party, claiming to be Panthic.
  4. There is no provision of age, demotion or removal of a Panthic Jathedar. How come the Jathedars are immediately removed when they refused to follow the orders of Akali Dal President?
  5. Vishav Punjabi Bhasha Samelan, to be organised by the SGPC on 25-26 September, 2016 was first cancelled thrice and finally cancelled without any SGPC’s Executive Body Meeting?
  6. President Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar was given my Five Posts on Appointments, Powers, Qualification and Removal of Takhat Jathedars in July 2016 on his request, but the facts reported in these posts for all the Sikhs of the world were never discussed for implementation. Why?
  7. Why and how SGPC showed undue haste and unusual keen interest in the instant case, termed as infringement of Maryada by the SGPC Chief, but is silent on Mr Harcharan Singh, Chief-Secretary’s dubious role in patronising the ex-communicated Anti-Sikh forces in violation of Sikh Rehit Maryada as well as 12 Hukamnamas of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. Since when SGPC started its new role of ignoring violation of Sikh Rehit Maryada and Violation of Edicts of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and preferred the new Maryada of taking quick notice of a press statement. I may clearly state that in my posts I had made it clear that Jathedars may be refrained from issuing personal statements and instead only decisions may be circulated through the Press Secretary. Giani Gurmukh Singh ji remained with Ali Baba for a long time, and taking one decision under duress of Political Bosses is acceptance of their supremacy and giving them free hand.  
  8. How come that the Jathedars are not influenced and pressurised that one Jathedar(Giani Talochan Singh ji) died of heart attack; and others (Bhai Ranjit Singh, Giani Puran Singh, Joginder Singh Vedanti, Nandgarh etc) were removed without any Executive Body Meetings and when their decisions were detrimental to the political interests of these Political Bosses?  
  9. How come a Ardasia is removed when he did presented Siropau to Junior Badal in Harimandar Sahib? Panj Piaras of SGPC were suspended immediately?
  10. How the SGPC appointed two white elephants C.A. and Chief Secretary with salaries and perks of Rs.8,00,000/ and Rs.5,00,000/ without any provision of such posts in the Act and violating age criteria and when other candidates equally qualified offered the services honorarily?
    Badal Sahib, sorry the statement may give some satisfaction to you and some sycophants, but for the Guru Panth of the Guru it is amusing and perjurious.


I will request Akali Dal President to file a defamation suit against Giani Gurmukh Singh and the Newspaper, if they consider it to be false. The truth will emerge. Why then Giani Gurmukh Singh is only transferred; falsehood is punishable in Sikh traditions. Let he be summoned at Sri Akal Takhat Sahib to highlight the truth.


Extracted from The Tribune
Posted at: Apr 24, 2017, 1:35 AM; last updated: Apr 24, 2017, 1:35 AM (IST)
Didn’t intervene in religious affairs: Badal
Denies role in Takht Damdama chief’s removal & pardon to dera head


Archit Watts
Tribune News Service
Gidderbaha, April 23

Refuting the allegations levelled by former Jathedar of Takht Damdama Sahib Giani Gurmukh Singh, former CM Parkash Singh Badal today claimed that it was wrong to say that any decision regarding the grant of pardon to Dera Sacha Sauda chief was taken at his residence.

He said he had no role in the removal of Giani Gurmukh Singh, who alleged that the SGPC acted at the behest of its political bosses.

“It is up to the SGPC to remove or appoint Jathedars. I never intervened in its working,” said Badal, who today visited the family of a vendor, Manish Kumar, who had set himself ablaze alleging harassment by aides of Congress MLA Amrinder Singh Raja Warring.

Badal spoke to Deputy Commissioner Sumeet Jarangal over the phone after the victim’s kin alleged that the administration was working under pressure and had given a clean chit to the accused.

Talking to the media, Badal criticised the Congress government, saying: “They used to target us on various issues. Now all problems have increased. Be it farmer suicides or law and order issues. The Congress leaders are indulging in vendetta politics. They have snatched some businesses like cleaning of solar power plants and wrested control on truck operators’ unions. Their vindictive policy will not last longer. I assure everyone that the SAD will take stand on every genuine issue.

”The former CM also met the family of a father-son duo who died at a sewage disposal plant on Wednesday and visited a local journalist, Shivraj Raju, who was allegedly assaulted by some Congressmen. He also condoled the death of party leader Gurmeet Mann’s father.

Ex-Jathedar relieved as head granthi
Amritsar: The SGPC on Sunday relieved Giani Gurmukh Singh as head granthi of the Akal Takht and withdrew his personal secretary and ‘sewadar’. Sources in the SGPC stated that he has been given three days to join Gurdwara Nauwin Patshahi Dhamtan Sahib in Jind, Haryana. Bhai Gurmukh Singh said he had not yet received a communiqué in this regard and would consider shifting to Haryana after getting it. Responding to a query on his joining the Jind gurdwara as head granthi, he said, “The entire SGPC and all gurdwaras are my family and I am ready to go anywhere”. TNS


Sikh organisations take on SGPC
Amritsar: Various Sikh religious organisations, including Panthic Sangharsh Committee on Sunday criticised the SGPC for not issuing prior notice and offering chance to former Takht Damdama Jathedar Giani Gurmukh Singh to present his view before sacking him. TNS