Q: How do you get yourself to wake up in the Amritvela to do Nitnem? – Yogi Harbhajan Singh Khalsa

Amritvela is not for anybody. It is a very personal thing. The rule of thumb is when the sun is 60 degrees to the earth, it is a twilight zone. It is from 4 am to 7 am and 4 pm to 7 pm.

You will find that mostly people want to drink and do other things from 4 to 7. This is because the biorythm of the body and energy and mental fatigue is so much, that if you don’t have a Prana Shakti practice, you will be down the hill. There is no substitute for it. All those people who take drugs, have a shallow breath. They have not understand what Guru Nanak said, “Pavan Guru Pani Pita Mata Dharat Mahat”. Their ‘Pavan Guru’ is not with them. Their messenger of Prana (Prana da vahan) is not developed… They cannot understand that in that within the finite the scope and leap of infinity which they can reach and administer the strength from the infinite universe which is theirs. Therefore they have to fall on wordly things like liquor and drugs. They need a buzz. That’s true, we all need a buzz. But there is a buzz that buzzes all the time.

‘Posut mad feem bhang, utar jae prabat. Naam kumarey nanakaa chardi rahai din rat.’ This is a science. This is not just for pronouncing a shabad. This is a practical science where people can get practical knowledge and practical strength. So, rising at the ambrosial hour is also a western thought. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.” So if you want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, you must get up early in the morning. Because early in the morning between 4 to 7 both nostrils start breathing. That takes away your youth, your energy. It takes away everything of you. Then the whole day you will just be a dumb cantelope with no head. Look at the biorhythm of the people who do this and those who don’t. The difference is night and day.

So in the future world when everything will be based on the computer and dogma of information, a person shall find so empty that they will have to come and learn from us the science, and join us. Otherwise they will be mental. So we are not worried. This bogus majority cannot tell us what to do. We have found the system, and we have found the science, and we have found the way. And that’s not just for Sikhs. That’s for the entire humanity who wants to come to the house of the Guru irresepective of their caste, color, creed, and their non-sense.  If they want to make sense, we shall have open doors serving them no matter who it is. No charge. No condition. No restriction.

So if you do not want to get up early in the morning… I’ll give you my personal example. One day I didn’t want to get up at all, and I decided ‘I can’t get up’. I checked my pulse, and it was very fast. I looked at my body, and it had a heavy temperature. I had a perfect excuse, and to sleep is so nice, and I couldn’t get up. So what I did, was I put myself down, and I rolled to the bathroom. I didn’t change my clothes. I turned on the cold water. It was a rain from the heavens. After a few minutes, I didn’t have fever or anything. I got up and did my normal things. I thought to myself, “I don’t want to get up. I REALLY don’t want to get up”. Then I thought, “Hell with it, I’m going to get up. It doesn’t matter. Nothing is going to stop me. I am me.” When you start fighting with yourself, you shall win the guard. Mind is given to you as a servant not a master. It will tell you ‘don’t get up’. Then you say ‘Shhh, I’m getting up’. And then get up. That’s all it takes.

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