MGC President … LIES … “KAAL USTAT” in Dasam Granth??

170507 Jooth Na Bool Pandey

Shabad:  Jhooth Na Bol Pandey – Bhai Harjinder Singh Jee Sri Nagar Wale

by Harnaak Singh

In his letter of 27-Apr-2017 in response to Datuk Sucha saying that Sawayeh is from Akaal Ustat, MGC President Jagir says there is no AKAAL USTAT IN DASAM GRANTH.  See extract from Jagir’s letter in Figure 1 showing his claim.

Figure 1: Jagir claims “Kaal Ustat”

170509 Kaal Ustat Jagir Letter 27APR2017

The handwritten Dasam Granth at Patna Sahib (dated 1698 AD) does not agree with Jagir’s claim.  The Banee is written as “Ustat Akal Ji Ki ਉਸਤਤ ਅਕਾਲ ਜੂ ਕੀ in the contents (Tatkara).  The word Ju ਜੂ has the same meaning as Ji ਜੀ (Mahan Kosh).  The extract from the contents page is shown in Figure 2.

Does Jagir expect us to believe him?  Where did he get his knowledge from. 


Sangat can and will decide.

Figure 2: Extract of Contents page of Dasam Granth at Patna Sahib

170509 AKaal Ustat DG 1698AD

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