Archana Kaur – Waheguru

Lekh 114 (page 12) – Simran Part 22 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

1.1 Attached with the saints congregation, meditate on God and the Lord master
shall go with you. 234

1.2 In the society of saints, man is absorbed in God’s love and takes to Lord
meditation. 457

1.3 The true congregation of the Guru is dear to Gog; as to the Guru’s mind, Lord God is sweet and pleasing. 494

1.5 Joining with the society of saints remember your lord with your soul and body. 817

1.6 And because of this love, Guru has explained to his sikhs the true form, true name, knowledge and ways to engross their mind. Bh Gurdas 6/1

1.7 In the company of the holy put into practice the Guru’s teaching meditate on the one waheguru. Bh. Gurdas 9/5

This materialistic world or spiritual circle is not a separate country, territory or planet. It is the subtle stage of the ups and downs of mental excitements which only rare souls know and recognise.

1.9 Rare are they who procure understanding by admonishing their soul through the Guru. 62

1.10 The pious person distinguishes the counterfeit from the genuine. The pious
person fixes his attention in the creator Lord. 942

l.11 Rare are those who develop their awareness and focus their attention on the Guru’s teaching. Only he who recognises the treasure is able to know its worth. Bh.Gurdas 9/7

Sadh Sangat’s

  • protection
  • incentive
  • leadership
  • help

are taken to direct the mind’s attention or concentration -thought- towards the spiritual world. Such action taken by the seeker is in itself divine.

Lekh 115 (page 1-2) – Simran Part 22 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

Remember, remember, remember (God) and you’ll find sheer joy.

To motivate him to read ‘Nimaz’ (Muslim Prayers), Baba Farid’s mother placed ‘sakar’ (brown sugar) under the carpet as temptation to make him follow the path of the Lord.

Every mother, in order to make her children intelligent and knowledgeable, through numerous ways

  • gives instructions 
  • gives good advice
  • gives consolation
  • gives encouragement
  • gives incentive
  • scolds
  • admonishes
  • and at the same time gives love.

In the same way, Guru Ji has used many ways in order to save Sikhs from the embroilment (botheration) of materialism and guide them towards Gurbani. In some places temptation is given, in others love is used, in yet others admonishment. Sometimes through mandate (firm order) we are being motivated and guided to do Lord’s Simran.

1 They who meditate on the Fearless, the Fearless Lord; their fear is all shaken off. 11
2 They, who repeat the Lord God’s Name, them, the death’s courier passes by. 645
3 By remembering God, your calamity shall be averted and all the joys shall come and abide within your mind. 193
4 Contemplating the name, all the sins are erased and the account papers of the Righteous Judge are torn off. 1348
5 O my silly soul, contemplate on the Peace-Giving Lord. Slave Nanak instructs you this-wise. 1388
6 Without God’s meditation, comfort is not obtained. All other loves of mammon are insipid. 194
7 Says Kabir, the fools, the blockheads and the brutes meditate not on their Lord. They realise not the Lord’s Name. How shall they be ferried across. 1105
8 Difficulty acquirable human-body is procured through the greatest good fortune. They who remember not God’s Name are the self-murderers. Why don’t they die, who forget the pervading God. Without the Name of what avail is the life? 188
9 Grown weary of wandering about for many ages the man has obtained the human
body. Says Nanak this is the opportunity for meeting (God) why are you not doing simran. 631
10 Remember your Lord, remember your Lord, remember your Lord, O my brother. Without remembering the Lord’s Name, good man are drowned. 692
11 Abandon your cleverness, O good men and remember Lord God, the king. Treasure in your heart your hope is one God and your distress, doubt and dread shall depart, O Nanak. 281

Man, in his life time, goes through many situations. Out of thesebnumerous life time circumstances, discussion on one of these aspects in the light of Gurbani is being attempted.

Man, according to his habit, has been in search of material happiness, welfare, comfort, joy etc.. For the sake of his physical, mental and materialistic comforts, man day and night

  • thinks, 
  • creates plans
  • makes an effort
  • labours
  • undergoes hardships
  • sacrifices himself

yet man is unable to discover constant, eternal and permanent happiness.

According to nature’s law of ‘action-reaction’ materialistic life has the duality aspect which are in opposite to each other, for example:-

  • comfort – suffering
  • joy – grief
  • cold – hot
  • sweet – bitter
  • white – black
  • beautiful – ugly
  • light – darkness
  • humility – pride
  • day – night
  • virtue – vice
  • goodness – badness
  • charity, pious deed – sin
  • heaven – hell
  • life – death
  • laughter – weeping
  • love – hate
  • high spirits – low spirits etc.

According to the Divine Law, the opposite aspect of everything is hidden and diffused in its very depth. For instance, within ‘light’, ‘darkness’ is hidden, within ‘comfort’, ‘suffering’ is hidden. after day, night must follow. In the same way after comfort, suffering is mandatory (must). Likewise, as we labour (continuously) for ‘comfort’ and bear hardships.

To be continued

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