Shabad by Bibi Asees Kaur and Deedar Kaur (Panipat Wale) 

We thank the CONCERNED MOTHERS who have the future of Sikhi of their beloved children in mind for sharing this wonderful heart touching article (PDF of original attached – minor modifications have been made).  God Bless us all during this arduous times.”


A message for Malaysian Sikhs by the daughters of Guru Gobind Singh

We mothers of Sikh children are disturbed by the recent developments in Malaysia pertaining to SikhiEfforts are being made by certain organisations within Malaysia to split the community by debating issues pertaining to existing Sikhi practices and about which baanis cannot be sung! 

The internet has become a platform for people to sit behind their ‘learned desks’ and write away, tearing at the very fragments of our forefathers.  Organisations sit in meetings snipping away at golden practices.  

Today Sikhi is being cast into laws – do’s and don’ts, read this, don’t read this.  Don’t sing this.  Only sing that. Ban this, ban that. 

There is mudslinging aplenty on social media. lost is the culture where Gursikhs sat in harmony to settle disputes the Sikhi way,  “Gursikh baitho sefha veshaai”. Is this not shameful? 

What is their objective – driven by ego and power, they are dividing the Sangat, increasing anger and creating splits between the very foundation that our forefathers worked hard to build!!!  Today, our so called ‘leaders’ are driving a wedge into the very grassroots of Sikhi in Malaysia. Today, they are rewriting the code of ethics which have been practiced by us for generations!”

Guru Gobind Singh in His utter humility created the Amrit, and five arose to His call, five simple men who were full of devotion, surrender and love. Not five intellectuals.  People flocked to Sikhi because of its message of universal brotherhood, equality and simplicity of devotion.  Today the ‘intellectual learned’ in our country are preaching a different brand of Sikhi – an intellectual textbook Sikhi which is dividing the community.  Gurdwaras which were meant to be the focal point for Sikhs to gather and worship have become subservient to high handed organisations who are moving to introduce ‘their’ brand of Sikhi.

Even young children learning Punjabi have not been spared.  Suddenly ’Deh Shiva’ is no longer Sikhi, don’t sing it they say!!!  The very same Deh Shiva which sends courage, valour and Sikhi spirit into our veins is now deemed impure!  The very same Deh Shiva which our children have been singing since they were toddlers and which inspired them to wear the Guru’s baana is now wrong they say!  Why?  Because of the word ‘Shiva’!!!  We can’t believe that intellectuals are giving their sanitized translations of these wordsShiva represents the liberating attribute of Akaal Purkh.  Bhrahma – being the creating attribute, Vishnu the sustaining attribute and Shiva the liberating/destroying attribute.  For heaven’s sake no one is worshipping a deity here!!! 

So stop making literal intellectual translations to confuse the Sangat!!!

These same intellectuals say we must exclude all baanis of Guru Gobind Singh !!! Suddenly, our father Guru Gobind Singh and His beloved sahibzadas are to be cast aside!!! 

We grew up listening and loving shabads like “Khalsa mero roop hai khaas”, “In hee ki kirpa kaye” and “Mitter pyare nu”.  Why are these being “snipped”?  Great scholars like Bhai Veer Singh had the greatest respect for inspirational geets and poetry.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself had 52 poets who wrote inspiring poetry at Paonta Sahib.  The current practices in Malaysia have been there since the time of renowned saints like Sant Niranjan Singh who visited Malaysia many times, and Santa Baba Sohan Singh who is deeply revered by Malaysian Sikhs.  Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji was himself a poet; he wrote and sang Punjabi religious poetry to inspire the Sangat throughout Malaysia. Their Sikhi was simple and pure – a Sikhi of devotion, love, loyalty, unity and compassion.  Suddenly, intellectuals are trying to outsmart our Gurus, our Saints and our historical poet-scholars“ 

We mothers of the Sikh children are appalled by the short-sightedness of these ’people in power’.  Today, our youth are utterly confused.  Who is a Sikh, they ask?  One who has read a lot of books, gives intellectual opinions and then goes on to divide the Sangat ???  Sadh Sangat Ji, ask yourself please.

Today, our youth are debating which baanis to read or not read Is this Sikhi !!!  We are dividing our children, very soon they will move away from Sikhi, thanks to the selfish motives of the so called ‘learned few’.

Knowledge from books is NOT wisdom. One who is wise will not embark on this path of disunity, ego and high handed authority.  Sikhi is a religion of faith, humility, compassion and love.  Let us not muddle Maryada further and come up with more laws Let us Malaysian Sikhs be united in refuting all calls to change the way Sikhi has been practiced and revered in our country.  We urge you to stand up against these organisations and intellectuals and make sure your local Gurdwara continues to practice Sikhi the way we have done for generations.

Mothers and all Sikh women out there, make sure your children and your families are not misguided. 

Do not allow your Gurdwara to fall prey to these power hungry individuals

Stay alert and remain united in this effort.  Let us continue to sing Deh Shiva and other baanis including poetry fearlessly.

Deh Shiva bar mohe-i-hai   (O Power of Akaal, grant me this boon)

Shubh karman tey kabh hu na taroo    (May I never refrain from the righteous acts)

Na daroo ar siyoo jabh jaiye laroon   (May I fight without fear of foes in life’s battles)

Nischai kar apni jeet karoon   (With confident courage claiming the victory)

Ar Sikh hao apne hi man ko   (May thy glory be ingrained mined in my mind)

Eh laalch hou gunn tau uchroo   (And my highest ambition be singing thy praises}

Jabh aav ki audh nidhann baney   (When this mortal life comes to end)

Aat hee rann mei tabh juujh maruun   (May I die fighting with limitless courage)

Stay inspired by the legacy of our fearless supreme father, 

the Emperor Prophet Guru Gobind Singh.

CONCERNED MOTHERS – What are our children going to do

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