170507 Jooth Na Bool Pandey

Shabad:  Jhooth Na Bol Pandey – Bhai Harjinder Singh Jee Sri Nagar Wale 

by Harnaak Singh

MGC management PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!

The PREAMBLE of the constitution of MGC states

To preserve, promote and uphold the doctrines and principles of the Sikh Religion and to conduct our business in a manner in keeping with the Sikhi practices and traditions with Seva (Service) as our motto so that all of humanity may benefit.

The MGC management must “uphold the Doctrines and Principles of the Sikh Religion”.

Where should the management go for information regarding this so that they keep the Sangat in the know of the Sikh Practices?  

Of course to the Sikh Supreme Body, the FIVE TAKHATS and the SIKH REHAT MARYADA.

The SRM was revised in 1985, 28-April-1985 to be exact, via Matta 41 (see Figure 1) changing the banees to be recited to JAP, JAAP, 10 SAVAYEEYAY, BENTI CHAUPAI AND ANAND.  The English translation of this matta is given below.

Figure 1: Matta from Akaal Takhat revising the SRM

170525 5 Banee Matta n SRM PIC 01

Today on 28-04-85, in the gathering of Five Singh Sahiban, the below written Matta, in unison has been passed.
In the ‘Sikh Rehat Maryada’ on page 9 and page 26, the Nitnem Banees have been revised as follows:
Jap, Jaap, 10 Savaeyay (from Sarawag Sudh), Benti Chaupai and Anand.
Approved by (-ਸਹੀ)
Gi Sahib Singh, Head Granthi, Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar
Gi Harcharan Singh Mahalon, Jathedar, Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Sri Anandpur Sahib
Gi Pritam Singh, Head Granthi, Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Sri Amritsar
Gi. Kirpal Singh, Jathedar, Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Sri Amritsar
Sant Lakha Singh, Jathedar, Takhat Sri Damdama Sahib, Talwandi Sabo

The SRM has from 1985, has edicted that Jap, Jaap, 10 Savaeyay, Benti Chaupai and Anand, are approved.  Therefore 5 banees NOT 3 banees have been approved for recitation in the morning.

The question is WHY IS MGC MANAGEMENT preaching only 3 banees.  

  • ARE they LYING and misleading the Sangat? 
  • OR they do not know about this matta, in which case they are grossly negligent in their duties?

Note:  It is openly known that MGC management and its cohorts are against the Dasam Granth.  AND it would not surprise me if MGC management and cohorts revert and claim that this Matta is FALSE or give a twist to its interpretation. They should by now know that the Sangat cannot be hoodwinked by them anymore.

Figure 2: Darshan Dhillon MGC Exco member (contributed to the article at ASIA Samachar)

170525 Darshan DILL n pic PIC 03

Even until 23-May-2017 Darshan Dhillon (see Figure 2), an EXCO member of the MGC, via ASIA SAMACHAR article titled “This is a slanderous lie” stated about those who say that SRM approves 5 morning banees, in his words “… is a slanderous lie spread to mislead and provoke the Sanggat to act against the MGC”.  See extract Figure 3.

Figure 3: Extract from the Q and A with Darshan Dhillon posted on social media

170525 5 Darshan DILL n SRM PIC 02

Looks like both Darshan Dhillon, who has been very vocal on social media defending MGC management, and the MGC management HAVE BEEN CAUGHT NAPPING or ARE OUTRIGHT LYING.

Not only this, the GROUP OF SOCIETIES (KDM, SNSM, Melaka Memorial Society) and Sikh Scholars who PRESIDE and DELIBERATE on matters for the MGC, have likewise BEEN CAUGHT NAPPING or ARE OUTRIGHT LYING.

It is the characteristics of the supposedly GURMAT ORIENTED people in whom the Sangat and the Gurdwaras have placed the TRUST?  CAN THEY BE TRUSTED?

The Sangat and the Gurdwaras should have the right to know the TRUTH.