A MESSAGE from the HEART … A SON speaking

Bhai Tejinder pal Singh Dhulla – nirmal rasna amrit peo

Further to our mother’s pouring their heart out on Gurvichar (see Link A https://gurvichar.com/2017/05/25/what-are-our-children-going-to-do/ ) we have a SON speaking his mind.  Thank you, Javnesh Ji, for permission to share your article.  Good on you young man for penning your opinion.  

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by Javnesh Singh

A message to the Panth from the heart :

Those who believe in Sri Dasam Granth, God bless. 

Those who don’t believe, God bless, it’s your journey.

We have nothing against those who do not believe in Sri Dasam Granth.  It’s your right to believe in what you wish to.  However, problems and controversy arise when anti-Dasam Granth people force-preach to the Sanggat that Sri Dasam Granth is not Bani and it should not be read.  Best would be to refrain from these selfish acts as it will only reap hatred and divide.

Adding on, no where in the Sikh Rehat Maryada tells us that Banis from Sri Dasam Granth cannot be recited or sung in keertanSRM was created such a way, that it would benefit the entire Panth, and weed out blind rituals and taboos so that all can walk the simple path of Gurmat. The sad reality is that, Youths have been brainwashed by irresponsible and selfish adults with their own selfish agendas to gain power within the community. These adults misinterpret the Rehat Maryada to satisfy their own selfish desires.

We are One Panth/family.  Sri Dasam Granth is not only accepted but also Respected by the Panth as it is an inseparable part of Sikhi and our Sikh History/Litreature.

Sri Dasam Granth controversy had been sparked since those days by Kala Afghana and Missionary followers and they tried to divide our Panth.  But, why not take a look at the Patrons of SNSM.  Its beautiful how these 2 Saintly Souls brought everyone together.  That’s because they had no desire to gain power. All they wanted to do is spread Naam, Bani, love and compassion amongst the masses. They too respected Sri Dasam Granth. Even if people tried to Preach openly against Sri Dasam Granth, they couldn’t because the there was love and unity amongst everyone.

There is a bigger picture.  Focus on love and respect.  This Panth belongs to the Guru. We need to respect the diversity in the Panth and build from there.  Stand up against those who want to divide us.  No matter what people say, Sri Dasam Granth will forever be an Inseparable part of the Sikh Nation, as ordained by the Sri Akaal Takht and the Panth.  

Bhul chuk khima, 

Vahegurujikakhalsa, VahegurujikiFateh. 

Degh Tegh Fateh, Panth ki Jeet. Raaj Karega Khalsa!