Hard Truth on MGC – Paramjit Singh

President of MGC is now crying out for vote to defend his position and support to justify all his misdeeds that has successfully divided the Panth in Malaysia with external support of Global Sikh Council Inc. it’s indeed interesting how an external party manage to influence MGC to ride with them to destroy our core principals and they have instilled doubt in name of defending Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 

MGC now stands guilty and answerable to Malaysian Sikh on the following matters;

  1. MGC drive their concept of ‘Ik Granth….’ by misinterpreting the SRM to exclude the bani of Guru Gobind Singh. 
  2. MGC Dharam Perchar’s Percharak was in spree to preach misinterpretation of Gurbani through secular manner. He has created unrest amongst the Sikh and to defend himself police were engaged to protect him and instilled fear amongst his opponents. Police were called to Gurdwaras just to allow his false preaching to go through.
  3. MGC through their correspondences since first quarter of last year has directed Malaysian Gurdwaras against our 5 Takhats directives. Hence issuance of ‘fatwa’.
  4. Instead of flourishing and maintaining peace, MGC strived to ensure that the 100 over years peace is tarnished.
  5. MGC’s did not achieve any creditable achievement for the Panth throughout last year as they were busy in dividing the Panth. Half of this year has also passed along.
  6. MGC’s alliance with a private business company Global Sikh Council creates a million question as why are we associating with a proven Panth Virodhi and Panth Dokhi. Our Takhat Sahiban has verbally declared this clearly in their statements. Moreover organising their elections quietly in a hotel in KL with full sponsorship by MGC members. Why is MGC so desperate and willing to go against our Takhat Sahiban for GSC??
  7. V Harcharan selected as the Secretary of GSC. What is his role while being in Malaysia? Promoting Panth Dokhi & Virodhi in Malaysia? He has posted on WhatsApp suggesting to Gurdwara’s to stop Gurbani classes organised by the academy. IS IT WRONG TO TEACH GURBANI? He has also set the rule that Granthis for local Gurdwaras are discreetly selected only from missionary college who completed a 2 years correspondence course. How can a person with shallow knowledge become the Granthi of our Gurdwara. This is the main reason for our youth leaving the Gurdwaras and the increasing of improper perchar if not against Sikhi. Are we going to allow MGC to weaken Sikhi by accepting incompetent Granthis?
  8. MGC deserted all their member Gurdwara’s, Ecco and made close alliance with SNSM, KDM and Melaka Videyala during their close door meeting in approving their directives against
    1. Sri Dasam Granth,
    2. SGGS Sewak,
    3. SASBV Niketen and others who stood against their policies.
  9. MGC has not even once instance attempted to have face-to-face dialogue with SGGS Academy or GS Titiwangsa to resolve the matters in hand instead they went on publishing false news, articles and biased opinion in Asia Samachar.
  10. MGC has proven themselves to pick and choose the clauses from SRM as the other prevailing matters such as mix-marriages were left unattended.
  11. GS Seremban has for the first time in Sikh history introduced a private function with selective Sanggat access to Gurdwara during Ghagga’s program. MGC did not even bothered to interfere nor write a letter to demand the explanation. MGC has clearly failed the sanggat by their partial policy.
  12. MGC has committed a serious offence by using fake directive mainly the so called ‘SGPC resolution no. 36672 dated 3rd August 1973’.
  13. MGC supported Ghagga’s program as they wrote a directive to Gurdwara’s just before the program in GS Seremban informing that there are no Sandesh from Sri Akaal Takhat on ban on Ghagga based on the findings of ex-communication Ragi Darshan. The same was verified with Sri Akaal Takhat and was informed that how can they lift the ban when the person did not even present himself before Sri Akaal Takhat.
  14. MGC did not even in one instance defended their policy with solid evidence as all they say is mere opinions in a loud voice.
  15. MGC has done all that they could to close and defame the SGGS Academy for a simple reason that they want the truth to be interpreted in their words. False allegation that we are promoting Sri Dasam Granth against Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. We, SGGS Academy has been teaching Gurbani all over world for over 10 years now and prepared course material to promote Gurbani. We even published a handbook titled ‘Our Guru’. We stand firm against whoever goes against our Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  16. SGGS Academy was accused to be funded by RSS, Pipli, etc. Our funds are solely from Daswand of the sanggat which is evident and fake video were made the reference by MGC in their letter. We are deeply hurt as how low can MGC go and how much of lies they are propagate.
  17. The exhibition Sri Dasam Granth manuscript in GS Titiwangsa was misrepresented to the sanggat by smart editing to prove their point. As MGC could not find anything else to defame the SGGSA.

Based on the above it is clear and evident that MGC has failed us all. They have promoted anti-Sikh brotherhood sentiments within our community under the influence and directives of GSC. Do we want to still give the absolute power to MGC by concerning the proposed resolution in the EGM tomorrow? The resolution is also against Gurbani and the prevailing Panthic practice. Sanggat is honoured as ‘eki biswe’ means the absolute power is with the sanggat in presence of our Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. THIS IS A Wake call to all Gurdwara- maintain the independence of Gurdwara and the position of the Sanggat. Do not give in to MGC which is now sold to GSC. Protect Sikhi from the clutches of these corrupted minded office bearers. We, Sikhs stay united in diversity and respect each other. 

Let us be together and guide our young generation to their best capability in achieving the highest standards within their lifetime under the guidance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

By Paramjit Singh -Sri Guru GranthJi Academy.

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