Bhai Sarabjeet Singh – Simran

Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

by Bhau Ji

  1. Mammon is a she-serpent, which is clinging to the world. He, who performs her service, him she ultimately devours. 510
  2. O brother, so bewitching is the mammon, that as many as are the beings, so many it has deceived. 1160

As opposed to this, when we participate in the ‘Sadh Sangat’ and do the Lord’s Simran, or remember the Lord’s virtue at that moment, all His Divine Virtues (qualities) begin to seep into our mind.

According to Gurbani, what is happiness\suffering?

  1. Then alone man, is in pain when he forgets the lord. Peace is found when the Lord is remembered. 813

It means that forgetting (non-remembrance) the Lord is the main reason for all the suffering whilst the Lord’s Simran is the eternal and permanent treasure of happiness/comfort.

To look for eternal happiness in the ‘fiery – grief – ocean” of materialism is a joke because there is absolutely no eternal and permanent happiness in it.

  1. Such is this mammon, by which the Lord is forgotten, wordly love wells up and one is attached to love of another. 921
  2. In the fire of worldly valuables, the world is burning. 1049

When we dive into materialism’s ocean of suffering, crying out in protest, trying to look for temporary happiness with our polluted intelligence, we find that it (happiness) quickly disappears. Man, to escape from these self inflicted materialistic suffering and torment, resorts to alcohol etc. kind of drugs – but the effect of these intoxicants is temporary and after that the situation is even worse.

In Gurbani is revealed the most beneficial and simple method of protection from all suffering and torment and that is SIMRAN.

  1. Meditating on the Master the sins are removed and man abides in bliss, peace and joy.
  2. How can He be forsaken, O dear, by remembering whom sorrows are forgotten? 431
  3. Contemplating whom all pains are eradicated and all the comforts come and abide within the mind. 1148
  4. Remembering, and ever remembering my Great True Guru, I am rid of all the pain. By Guru’s holy word the fever and other afflictions are past and I have obtained my heart desired fruits. 619
  5. Kabir, perform your meditation of thy God, contemplating whom, the troubles depart. 1374
  6. Ever, ever contemplate on the Lord’s Name. No affliction of old age and death shall overtake you and your affairs in the Lord’s court hereafter shall be adjusted. 824
  7. Ever and ever contemplate on the Lord O brother. He is the dispeller of woes and sins. 620

According to our deeds, we are at the mercy of “Yamas” (the Righteous Judge) and have to face the sentence the ‘Yamas” mete out. There is only one easy way or method of protection from the terrible punishment or sentence of these ‘Yamas’ as given in Gurbani and that is simran.

  1. By remembering whom the abode of sorrow is abolished. By remembering whom Death’s courier molests you not. By remembering whom, what is dry becomes green. 182
  2. He, within whose mind you enter, O Lord, suffers not at the hands of death’s courier. 960
  3. Uttering the excellences and praises of the World-Cherisher, death’s courier runs away from afar. 917
  4. He remembers and comtemplates his Lord Master and so the Death’s myrmidon draws not hear him. 682
  5. Remembering the Imperishable Lord, Death’s noose is cut and all the glee and sublime wisdom are obtained. 781
  6. Nanak lives by remembering and contemplating his God and is caught not in the death’s clamity. 1225

By doing God’s Simran man’s physical, mental and spiritual life achieves full salvation that is happiness is attained in this world and comfort is assured in the world hereafter.

  1. Contemplating on the Lord Master, I have obtained pleasure, peace and salvation. 825
  2. The Lord’s Name is the support of my soul and body. Whosoever meditates on it, He is emancipated. 1004
  3. Within my mind and body, contemplate I, my Auspicious Lord. When the Perfect Guru is highly pleased, then am I blessed with everlasting peace and salvation. 1322

By doing Hari’s (Lord’s) Simran, man’s face is illuminated in ‘heaven’.

  1. Who have pondered on the Name, and have departed after putting in toil; O’ Nanak! their faces shall be bright and many shall be emancipated along with them. 8
  2. Remember you Him, by whose meditation, thy face shall be immaculate in the Lord’ Court, and you shall ever and ever obtain peace. 629
  3. O my mind, ever contemplate on the True Name, the True Name. By ever meditating on the Immaculate God Lord, the mortal’s face become bright in this world and the world beyond. 670
  4. Such is the Lord, contemplating whom your distresses shall be dispelled and here and hereafter thy face shall become bright. 896

In man’s mind numerous wants and desires keep surfacing (erupting). For the fulfillment of these wishes, day and night he practices his cunningness, performs deeds and is involved in much labour – but even then all his desires are not fulfilled. If one or two desires do get realised, many other desires sprout (at the same time) in their place. In this way, in spite of profound intelligence and hard work, man has to see the face of disappointment.

But in Gurbani, our Gurus have bestowed on us the realisation that through Hari’s (Lord’s) Simran, man’s numerous wants and desires, spontaneously get fulfilled through the Guru’s blessings.

  1. The Lord is the fulfiller of aspirations and the Giver of all the comforts. In His power is the elysian cow. So, O my soul, meditate, on such Lord, then alone, shall you obtain all the comforts, O my soul. 669-70

To be continued

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