Aassa Sikhi Da Ni Shadna Rah – Giani Jagjit Singh (left his worldly abode at the age of 27 and is still remembered with love by the sangat of Malaysia)

Kirtan by Giani Jagjit Singh Khalsa

Giani Jagjit Singh Khalsa was a gifted Malaysian-born Sikh preacher who was immensely popular in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Coming from ordinary and troubled beginnings, he had a life-transforming experience when he went to the Vidyala in Malacca with Khalsa ji. As he bowed down before Guru Granth Sahib ji, he felt a force that kept him in that position for several minutes. When he finally got up, his perspective had changed and from that moment on he tread the path of Sikhi with much passion and love.

Within a few years, his charasmatic style won the hearts and minds of countless youths, who were also inspired to take Amrit and live the life of the Khalsa. The youth used to fill the Darbar Sahib whenever he took the stage, drawn by his magnetic personality, and sing along merrily – something that was not seen before. He served fearlessly and shared his small earnings with those who were less fortunate. He also taught kirtan, tabla and harmonium to those willing to learn. At one point, when funds were low and only a few tabla sets were available, he taught the students to play the beats on stools!

Giani Sukha Singh (of SNA, UK), who was Giani Jagjit Singh’s student back then, recalls the long hours he used to spend by the Nishan Sahib at Amrit Vela – doing his simran and banis. A family member recalls that at one point, he went silent for several days and kept to himself. When he finally spoke, he said he could feel simran going on automatically within him and the feeling was simply too beautiful.

Giani Jagjit Singh served as a Granthi at Gurdwara Sahib Mantin, Kuala Kangsar, Pusing and Sikh Nawjawan Sabha. He was also a co-founder and an active supreme council member of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Khalsa Garh Malaysia before leaving his worldly abode at the tender age of 27 in July 1986, a few days short of his birthday.

He is today fondly remembered by his family and the many who were moved by him and continue on the path. Giani Mahinder Singh ji Khalsa (Khalsa ji) described him as “his right hand”, and as recently as 2012, said “there has been no one else like him”. Here, we present a list of recordings of the man who had done so much for so many in such a short time!


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