by Dr Anurag Singh

“The martyr cannot be dishonoured. Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame; every prison a more illustrious abode; every burned book or house enlightens the world; every suppressed or expunged word reverberate through the earth from side to side. Hours of sanity or consideration are always arriving to communities as to individuals, when the truth is seen and the martyrs are justified”.

This was my tribute to the martyrs of Operation Blue-Star in 1999 when I translated the book of Giani Kirpal Singh,”Akhin Ditha Saka Neela-Tara. “The words of Emerson, the greatest thinker aptly fits into our historical tradition of our martyrs and exposition of Blood-Thirsty Devils, the Government of the Brute Majority. Now all our martyrs are glorified throughout the world, except the Hindu World, who call them Terrorists.

The same Hindu mind also called Bhagat Singh a Terrorist.

For these Assimilator Governments Frederick L.Schuman aptly wrote: “The problem of National minorities arises from such nationalistic efforts at assimilation and from the counter efforts, supported by the national consciousness of the minorities to resist assimilation at all costs…..Efforts at assimilation are vigorously resisted with an energy and determination equivalent to the pressure brought to bear by the assimilators. Resistance assumes the appearance of disloyalty and this in turn justifies the national government in the eyes of its patriots in employing more coercion. The greater the coercion, the greater the resistance. The outcome of the cycle is persecution, revolt, international complications and often war.”(International Politics,p.447).

This unprincipled politics of assimilation by Indira Gandhi and her shortsighted son Rajiv Gandhi ended the era of their misrule in India for ever.

Thirdly, in my book I pointed out for the first time in 1999 that without any FIR in any Police Station in India, the devil in Indira Gandhi prompted her to declare Sant Jarnail Singh a Terrorist. After 18 years this fact too has been justified by a recent information obtained under RTI from Government records and published in News Papers and gone viral on social media that Sant Jarnail Singh is not a terrorist in Government records also. Our greatest martyrs are justified and glorified throughout the world and the Ruthless terrorists,

  • Indira Gandhi,
  • Rajiv Gandhi,
  • Gen Dayal,
  • Gen. Sunderji and 
  • Gen Brar

are Criminals in the Divine Court and stands exposed and condemned.

It is time to remember, pray and glorify our martyrs and not play our dirty political games on this sacred occasion.






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