Late Mahinder Singh Khalsa – Singapore

Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

by Bhau Ji

  1. The Lord is the fulfiller of aspirations and the Giver of all the comforts. In His power is the elysian cow. So, O my soul, meditate, on such Lord, then alone, shall you obtain all the comforts, O my soul. 669-70
  2. With my soul and body I have reflected over the Lord. I have obtained the fruit my mind desired. 72
  3. By remembering the Lord, of easy access, all the desires are fulfilled. 79-80
  4. Pondering and reflecting over my Lord, I have attained all the fruits. 519
  5. Reflecting and pondering over the Bountiful Lord, the heart’s desires are fulfilled. My mind’s craving and hope are realised and my sorrows are dispelled. 524
  6. Heartily apply yourself to God’s mediation. You shall obtain your heart desired fruits. 288 
  7. By meditating on Lord God, night and day, the mind-desired fruits are obtained. 578
  8. Contemplating the Lord God, man crosses the dreadful world-ocean and all his desires are fulfilled. 781
  9. The man, who utters Your Name, O Lord, obtains all fruits, and becoming moveless, he sings Your praises. 1184
  10. O my soul, every day repeat and remember on the Lord Master’s Name. You shall obtain the fruits which you desirest and pain shall touch you not , again. 720

We live in ‘the love of another’ that is in the ‘world of materialism’.  Here is the culture of ‘me-mine’. Where ‘me-mine’ exists, physical, mental, religious, materialistic

  • fear
  • anxiety
  • suspicion
  • doubt
  • apprehension

come to reside. With this our mind remains fearful and shrivelled and we continue to burn, roast and dive with worry into the ‘fiery-terribleocean’ (of materialism). With this ‘mental-conflict state’ sprouts numerous mental diseases like

  • blood preasure
  • heat trouble
  • rheumatism
  • nervous tension

– etc.

Life becomes hell with these mental (triggered) diseases. Gurbani reveals to us a simple cure to protect ourselves from the main cause for these diseases – fear, anxiety, worry, apprehension etc., and that cure is SIMRAN.

  1. Through God’s meditation my anxiety has ended. 189
  2. By remembering God all the fears are dispelled 189
  3. By forgetting God suspicion and sorrow overtake man. Meditation on the Naam, doubt and dread flee. 189
  4. My fear is dispelled by meditating on the Fearless God. 191
  5. By remembering and meditating on the Lord, the fire is entirely quenched. 191
  6. By Lord’s meditation, fear overtakes not. 262
  7. Within my mind and body, I think of my Lord. The Perfect Guru, has dispelled all my fears. 1152
  8. Through the remembrance of the Naam, all worries disappear. 192

That ‘SIMRAN’ which has been so much exalted in Gurbani does not seem to attract our attention. The reason is that over numerous births, we have been turning the wrong spinning wheel of materialistic Simran. To turn the mind away from Maya (materialism), and to coat it with ‘Divine Graft’ there is a need for the sublime company of evolved souls or the company of souls in search of TRUTH (Sat Sangat). Keeping regular company of and being involved in the service of spiritually elevated souls with a keen desire for sewa, automatically make the mind attach itself to Simran. That is why we have been reminded in GURBANI.

  1. Lord’s meditation is attained in the Saints’ society. All the wealth, O Nanak are in God’s love. 262