Kamaljeet Singh – Naam Bina Nahin Jeevya Jaaye

Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

by Bhau Ji

In the Gurbani the Lord’s meditation is said to be the ‘Ocean of all happiness”. By this meditation or Simran suffering, quarrels, worry, anxiety, threat, fear, danger, suspicion etc. depart and the mind and body experience peace and calmness.

  1. Were he to reflect over the Supreme Lord, his body and soul shall be cooled (rest at peace). 70
  2. Says Nanak, meditate you on the Lord, O brother, and your soul and body shall become pacified. 620
  3. Remembering and contemplating on my Lord Master, my body, soul and bosom are pacified. 681
  4. Meditating on God, all my troubles are ended, I have obtained coolness and peace and my soul is satiated. 828
  5. Remembering the Lord, your mind shall ever abide in bliss and peace and your soul shall become calm and cool. 860
  6. Remembering and contemplating the Lord, one becomes cool and is rid of sorrow, pain an doubt. 1219

Through the Lord’s Simran, the heat of the materialistic ‘FireGrief-Ocean’ does not affect an individual. Even the dry and burnt souls sprout and become green through Simran.

  1. If he then remembers the Supreme Lord, even the hot wind shall not touch him. 70
  2. By continuously remembering the Lord’s Name, the abode of all the disease is destroyed. 191
  3. By His meditations suffering are effaced. Bliss wells up and pain and afflicts not. 1142
  4. The great agonies He removes in an instant if the tongue utters His name. In God’s refuge are calmness, peace, and comfort, and He extinguished the burning fire. 210
  5. By remembering whom your calamity shall depart. By remembering, mammon shall affect you not. 971
  6. By remembering whom, what is dry becomes green. By remembering whom, the sinking stones float. 183

Forgetting the Lord we continue throughout our lives to plunge into the materialistic fearful ‘difficult and fathomless ocean’. As a result we suffer and live a life of hell. To come out or cross this ocean Gurbani recommends the only method i.e. the Lord’s Simran.

  1. They, who dwell on the Lord, by Guru’s grace, cross the terrible world ocean. 90 
  2. Remembering and remembering the Perfect Lord, I have saved all my associates. 674
  3. Remembering and contemplating God, O Nanak, the saints ferry across and are imbued crimson in His love. 807
  4. By ever meditating on the Lord-Master, O Nanak, numberless have been saved. 1007
  5. Whilst walking, sitting, sleeping and waking, deliberate you over the Guru’s instruction in the mind. Hasten you into the sanctuary of the Lord’s feet and associate with the saints. Thus shall you be ferried across the awful worldocean. 1006
  6. Remember the one Lord, remember the one Lord, remember the one Lord. He shall save you from strife, sufferings, worldly attachments and the most dreaded world ocean. 679
  7. His perfect destiny has awakened and he meditates on the Formless Lord. 1251

We show off our intellectual knowledge. To prove ourselves right we go to the point of splitting hair. We consider such intellectual religions debate as having achieved the ultimate aim and go about boastfully. But according to Gurbani this intellectual knowledge can only guide us to show the direction towards the spiritual; it cannot take us towards the intuitional light of the internal soul.

According to Gurmat the enlightenment of the essence of knowledge of the soul can only occur through the grace of the guru by associating with satsangat and doing Simran. It is with Simran that the ‘lotus’ of the mind blooms.

  1. O’ my darling friendly soul ! by repeating God’s Name the Divine Light shines. 79
  2. By reflecting over God’s merits the heart-lotus blooms. 189
  3. Through Lord’s meditation, man’s heart-lotus blooms. 263
  4. Contemplating whom, man’s mind is illumined, he is rid of suffering and abides in peace and poise. 1148
  5. The hearty contemplation and meditation of the Lord; this alone is the sublime Reality of all the ages. 1143
  6. The Guru-ward knows the wisdom of the Our Lord and night and day utters His Name. 1050
  7. Uttering and contemplating the Guru’s Name, I have gathered the fruit and associating with the saints, I am blessed with the lamp of Divine knowledge. 1080
  8. He alone is the divine, who remembers the One Lord. He alone is wealthy, who possesses discerning intellect. 1150

From our previous lives we have been so involved and absorbed in the materialism that we have become a form of materialism ourselves.  We are all the time occupied with materialistic chores and to improve them we are repeatedly using various types of reasoning, devices, cleverness and cunningness. When, despite this, we are unsuccessful

we experience distress. But according to Gurbani our worldly chores will be done when we do the Lord’s Simran and remain carefree.

  1. O saints, remember you the Lord Master’s Name. Remember God, you shall obtain everything and all your affairs shall be adjusted. 627
  2. Whoever, with his tongue utters God’s Name, his affairs are arranged (by God). 401

To be continued

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