Autar Singh’s presentation at MGC EGM … Part 1: Gurbani, ROOP and Translations

by Harnaak Singh

The following table is the essence of the presentation of Autar Singh at the MGC EGM.

Autar’s presentation has been split into parts and each part analysed.  What he says is in summarised in black text and the comments in red text.  Please refer to the video slides which relate to the text below.

Contents of Autar’s presentation (black text) and comments (dark brown) text.
Autar states the definition of Gurbani given in Mahan Kosh:  see below Blue box.170614 Autar GURBANIGuru Nanak Dev atay obhan dey roop Satguran di Banee, Akali Banee, Jo Guru Dwaray sanu prapat hundi hai.
Here he questions which ROOP.  It from the first to the 10th or only those who have contributed with COMPOSITIONS to the Guru GranthSahib.

It is quite clear from his statement that he does not accept that the all our 11 (eleven) Gurus are EK JOT.  

He considers them separate not EK JOT.  

He only believes in EK GRANTH.  

This clearly shows his lack of understanding of the teaching of of GURUS. 

It is FOOLISH and IGNORANT to QUESTION which Gurus contributed to SGGS Ji.  They are the same JOT.

This confirms that this guy does not believe in the Ek JOT and so, also NOT in our LIVING GURU SGGS Ji.  

For him the SGGS Ji is only a Granth, with the NAME “GURU GRANTH”, a BOOK of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. 

This is real MOORAKH type talk.  

Here he tries to justify why it was necessary for Bhai Khan Singh (who wrote the Mahan Kosh) had to state “Ohna dey saroop Satguran Dee Banee”.  Otherwise he says the other five Guru’s Banee will be out (I suppose from SGGS Ji). 

I am a loss to see the significance of him making this statement.  He is stating the obvious.  

He says Five Gurus Banee will be out?  Obviously he does not believe in EK JOT and LIVING GURU.

Then he says Mahan Kosh clarifies “acquired from GURU DWARA”.  Which GURU DWARA? Guru Nanak DWARA.

This is very odd.  He does not know what GURU DWARA means.  He says it is Guru Nanak DWARA.  

Mahan Kosh clearly states the GURU DWARA means THROUGH THE GURU.  The meaning is the teaching acquired through the GURU.

Finally Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji “Nay SGGS vich RACHNA kar kay”, “COMPLETE kar kay”:, “GURGADDI BAKSH kay”, “SANU PANTH NU SAUMP datey”.   “SANU PANTH NU SAUMP datey kay eh GURBANI HAI”.

Note that he calls the composition in Guru Granth Sahib “RACHNA” rightly so because RACHNA means compositions.  

But then this very same person, in association with others and MGC, states that the composition of Dasam Granth is RACHNA and is not Gurbani. 

Is he in future, in cohorts with the others, GOING TO ALSO DECLARE that the compositions of SGGS Ji are RACHNA are not GURBANI?


Did Guru Gobind Singh Ji say that “eh GURBANI hai”. 

Is he LYING?

There are no records that Guru Gobind Singh Ji, when he nominated Gurgaddi to SGGS Ji and edicted that SGGS Ji is our LIVING Guru, stated “eh Gurbani hai”.

It appears he is lying making up stories on the GO unless he can produce evidence to substantiate this.

The next issue he brings up is the matter of Punjabi and English.  He says that whatever is written in Punjabi is correct and the translation (to English) can be wrong.

This statement is questionable bordering on “NONSENSE”.  Language is a medium of expressing one’s thoughts.  It is ridiculous to state that one’s thought can only be expressed in one language but cannot be in another language.

Such NONSENSE from him can cause DOUBTS on all the TRANSLATIONS.

He says Guru Granth Sahib is written in Punjabi, in Gurmukhi.  What Guru  Granth Sahib says the translation can be wrong.  There are many mistakes.  When asked for agreement from everybody, there was a thunderous YES.  To use the English meanings and argue is wrong.

This is IGNORANCE par excellence.  SGGS Ji is written in many languages.  Macauliffe in the “The Sikh Religion” states that the SGGS Ji is written in Persian, medieval Prakrti, Hindi, Old Punjabi, Multani, Sanskrit etc. 

What about translation from Persian, medieval Prakrti, Hindi, Old Punjabi, Multani, Sanskrit etc to Modern Punjabi.  Are they ALL WRONG?

He should stop giving the Sangat his load of “NONSENSE” and displaying his IGNORANCE.