by Harnaak Singh

We continue with the analysis of the Presentation by Autar Singh at the MGC EGM.  

As in Parts 1 to 3, Autar’s presentation has been split into spoken parts and each part analysed.  What he says is in summarised in black text and the comments in brown/red/blue text.  Please refer to the video slides which relate to the text below.


The decision as which is Bani can only be made by the Guru (he means SGGS Ji).  Guru Gobind Singh nominated the Gurgaddi to SGGS Ji only.   

This means that Gurbani is only in Guru Granth Sahib.

Is he correct?  Should’nt we depend on credible sources to understand the meaning of Gurbani.  

FIRST we look at Mahan Kosh, defines Gurbani as the “Banee of Guru Nanak Dev and his other forms”. This means all Gurus who bore his JOT.  This includes Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 

Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s writings are compiled in the Dasam Granth.  Therefore the compilations in Dasam Granth are also Gurbani.  

NEXT, SGGS Ji states Gurbani is “ਸਭਿ ਨਾਦ ਬੇਦ ਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ Sab Naad Bayd Gurbani” (SGGS 879 Line 9) meaning THE KNOWLEDGE OF SOUND (NAAD), VEDAS IS GURBANI.  

We look at the relevance of the word VEDAS:

The Dasam Granth, written by the Tenth Jot of Guru Nanak for this purpose, includes knowledge of the VEDAS as required in the SGGS Ji verse above.  

It is IGNORANCE to DENY that Dasam Granth is Gurbani WHEN GURU NANAK has already stated its need in SGGS Ji.  

and now to the word NAAD :

Reciting the Shabad in any form is the SOUND. Both the SGGS Ji and the Dasam Granth have NAAD incorporated into the compositions. 

So both NAAD and VED are required. 

Thus we can say Autar MISCHIEVOUSLY AND WHIMSICALLY MANUFACTURES his own meaning using irrational logic.  



Our samrath Guru will give us all the teachings we need.  

There are some who believe that SGGS Ji is not able to do this and we need other Granths.

Here Autar is singing the tune of Ek Granth, the brainchild of MGC.  It is NOW being PEDDLED as the “Centrality of ONE”. 

What we want to know is does SGGS Ji have all the knowledge to understand its teachings as Autar CLAIMS?

FIRSTLY, like I stated in Part 1, SGGS Ji is written in many languages e.g. Persian, Medieval Prakrit, Marathi, Sanskrit etc.  Does Autar mean to tell me that he does not need to refer to any other references to understand these languages! 

Utter NONSENSE.  Considering his interpretation of Gurbani, he has a lot to learn about Punjabi, let alone Persian or Sanskrit.

SECONDLY on 24-Oct-2016, I asked Autar a question, “I have come across a word ਬਲਭਦ੍ਰੁ (SGGS page 165 Line 6).  Kindly enlighten me where the meaning/concept of this word is found in SGGS”.  

Autar’s Reply was “I have no idea ji. I am trying to understand the first 13 pages ji. Please pray that I can reach page 165 someday”.  

This correspondence is included in the attached Figure.  Note that I addressed him as Professor because the members of the WhatsApp group were addressing him as such.  This is when I decided to find out more about his credentials and sources revealed he is not a REAL Professor; rather a FAKE PROFESSOR as one might say.  See article on GV here.

Autar BalBhadar QU

He states he does not even know first 13 pages of SGGS Ji.  HOW CAN WE BELIEVE WHAT HE PREACHES?  Cannot be any more than UTTER NONSENSE.

Neither did I receive a response from his cohorts on the same question.  THEIRS IS ALL EMPTY TALK.

Therefore it is NONSENSE for Autar to say that to understand the SGGS Ji, no other reference is necessary


There is only EK SGGS Ji which will give you ALL the teaching you need.  Please DON’T try and …

Continuing on the Ek Granth, THIRDLY, I has posed a question to Jagir (President MGC) about the verse 

ਗੋਤਮ ਤਪਾ ਅਹਿਲਿਆ ਈਸਤ੍ਰੀ ਤਿਸ ਦੇਖ ਇੰਦਰ ਲੁਭਾਇਆ॥ (SGGS 1344 Prabhati M:1) Dakhni 

challenging him to explain the meaning of this verse from the SGGS Ji.  

He was not able to and neither will Autar be able to.  

This verse is explained in Dasam Dasam Granth Charitr Pakhyan Charitar 116 (Refer Gurvicar article under section “AN EXAMPLE SHOWING THE USE OF METAPHOR IN GURBANI” here.

It is utter NONSENSE and MISLEADING for Autar to say that no other reference is necessary to understand the SGGS Ji

Just to understand the NONSENSE Autar is PREACHING let us use a simple temporal example.  

What he says is like saying that a book which “lists information about all the types of edible vegetables and their nutritional value” is a complete book on “vegetarian meals and cooking”.  WHAT A JOKE!


We should not impose our views on each other.  I will not impose my view on you.

Interesting remark by AutarI think this statement is EMPTY TALK.  I have come to understand that he was either a member of one of the Groups (SDM, SNSM, Vidayala ..) or one of the scholars who advised MGC to ban Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Banee.  Isn’t it HYPOCRITICAL that he says he does not impose on others?   


Be warned, once we all have discarded our acceptance of Dasam Granth BY FOLLOWING AUTAR’s and his COHORTS ANTI-GURMAT PREACHING they will continue with their NONSENSE.  

Knowing that they now term SGGS Ji, our LIVING GURU, a metaphor, these people will then WRECK HAVOC with the SGGS Ji.