Bhai Tarbalbir Singh – Mere Madho Jee Satsangat Mile So Tareya

by Bhau Ji

  1. Forever there is bliss and merry-making and the melody of divine music. Meeting together, the holy men sing the Lord’s praises and hail victory to the Master. Meeting together, the saints sing the Lord’s praises, drenched in the nectar of His love and affection and become acceptable to their spouse. 545.
  2. Divine music and Divine music plays to the accompaniment of the air of musical instruments. My soul and my soul is imbued with the love of my Darling Beloved. 436
  3. Your servant O Lord is intoxicated with your exilir. He who obtains the treasure of the nectar of love will never ever forsake to go elsewhere. 532

The Land of the formless Lord cannot be affected by this worldliness (maya) or its vices.

  1. Even the hot winds do not affect him who is under the protection of the Supreme Lord. All around me is the Lord’s circle, so pain does not afflict me O brother. 819
  2. With the inner fire the world is being consumed but worldly attachments do not cling to the Lord’s devotee. 673
  3. Shed your self conceit, fall at God’s feet and hold fast to that God’s skirt. He who longs for the Lord’s protection, he is not affected by the heat of the ocean of fire. (that is this world) 531
  4. Begumpura is the name of the town. At that place there is no pain or worry. 345

Exactly opposed to this, in this materialistic world, man surrenders to materialism and lives in the ‘me-mine’ or ‘ego’ state and according to his mental hue, he performs deeds and faces the consequences.

  1. In his pride he becomes true or false. In his pride he reflects on virtue or vice.466
  2. A flame in ego man is burnt to death and, straying in duality doubt / superstition takes hold of him. 643
  3. Involved in worldly affairs, this mind does evil deeds. Cheated by worldliness (maya),he forever bewails. 1176 
  4. By being engrossed in ‘mine-mine’ man gets tied up in burdens. By being involved in worldliness (maya) he is born over and over again to face hell and heaven. 761
  5. Your mind is engrossed in lust, anger and materialism. Because of this worldly love in your mind, falsehood and sin reside in you and you have accumulated the capital of vice and greed. 153
  6. My erring soul is entangled in worldliness (maya). I tie myself down with whatever deeds I do under the influence of greed. 702

This worldly creation is not ‘self created’. This is the creation of the Formless Lord that is proceeding according to His Law. To make this worldly ‘grand drama celebration’ interesting and exciting the ‘five thieves’ namely lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego– came into existence with their base tendencies or vices.

  1. The mother (ONE GOD) has given birth to five sons. Setting afoot the play of creation like vegetation, the world has been created. 865
  2. The Creator has attached materialism (maya) and worldly love to this mind. Enacting the law, He has created the world. 1261 
  3. Enmity, strife, lust, anger, worldly love. Falsehood, sin, excessive greed and deceit. Involved in these paths man has lived many births O Lord save Nanak by showing your mercy. 267/268
  4. Within this body dwell the five thieves Lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride. They plunder the Nectar but the manmukh does not realise this And no one hears this voice (from within). 600

These baser tendencies of worldliness are the main cause of all our vices

  • like
  • jealousy
  • duality
  • enmity
  • confrontation
  • slander
  • back-biting
  • burning within
  • impatience
  • difficulties
  • misunderstanding
  • sins
  • falsehood
  • fear
  • frame-up
  • worry
  • suspicion
  • treachery
  • selfishness
  • me-mine
  • hatred
  • quarrels

etc ‘satanic-like’ vices mushroom.

In line with the quotation ‘The company that one keeps decides the fruits that will be reaped’, the pull of attachment and worldly love, makes us forget God or we do not remember Him, then under the influence of the unalterable worldly law – ‘Whatever I do determines whatever I get .’ We commit sins and face consequences.

On the other hand, living in the company of the holy people we remember God or meditate on HIM then our mind comes under the influence of the soul and all the virtuous deeds come and reside within us, virtues like

  • truth
  • contentment
  • mercy
  • discipline
  • forgiveness
  • humility
  • love
  • unity
  • service orientated
  • others before self
  • friendship
  • peace
  • caring
  • endurance
  • faith
  • humility
  • co-operation
  • self-sacrifice
  • love
  • affection
  • ecstasy
  • joy


To be continued

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