Sant Baba Niranjan Singh doing Katha @Tat Khalsa, Kuala Lumpur, 5July1989

Understanding Sikhism

Lecture by the Late Saint Scholar Naranjan Singh (Shiromani Kathakar)

 Compiled bt the Late Dr Haracharanjit Singh of Malaysia

 Scientists are attempting to discover how far is the sun, moon and other planets in our galaxy. But a man of God with full faith in the Lord, by contemplation and devotion, comes to know about all the universe, stars and planets, that is, lakhs of patals and lakhs of “akas.”

 Manai sagal bhavan ki sudh

A person who obeys God’s will knows in his “surat” and by way of “dhyan” knows what is going on in the whole of the Universe or God’s creation. Bhramgiani knows everything that goes on in the creation.

 Guru Tegh Bahadur was at Baba Bekala. Mahkan Shah was far away sailing in a ship. A Sikh was reading Bani in the ship, and Makhan Shah asked him whose Bani was he reading. The Sikh replied that it was Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Bani.

 The ship was caught in a heavy rainstorm and high winds, and there was possibility that it might sink. The Sikh stood up to do ardas and requested Makhan Shah to do the same. Mahkan Shah, with utter love and faith, prayed to the house of Guru Nanak Dev ji for help. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji came to his rescue. Mahkan Shah’s prayer and ardas was done so very far away, yet Guru ji heard it in Baba Bekala.