Jagdees Singh Malaysia – Waheguru

by Bhau Ji

  1. As the mind becomes totally involved in its daily commitments, It will not settle even in the kirtan together with the sadh sangat. (Kabet Bhai Gurdas 235)

There are numerous places in gurbani where we are urged to give priority to simran.

  1. Man remember your protector, The Lord. Let go all other thoughts, O man. 913
  2. Contemplate on the One Lord in your mind and seek the shelter of the One Lord. Establish love with the One Lord. Without Him there is no other place. 961.
  3. O my tongue, Sing your Lord’s praise. Abandon all other relishes.(tastes).  The Lord’s Name is the best of all. 1220 
  4. All your other deeds will be of no value. Meet the society of evolved souls and meditate on the Name. 12 
  5. Says Kabir, hear O man, shed your mental doubt. Contemplate only on the Name and seek the shelter of the One Lord. 692.

The farmer focused his mind and body on the simran of the one Word ‘Waheguru’ and reduced his involvement in other chores. But we on the other hand tend to increase our involvement in unnecessary chores.

The farmer had internalized this advice –

  1. Why do those who realize that they have to depart, make ostentation 787

But we are unnecessarily increasing our volume of wasteful activity just to obtain worldly praise or shabas thus wasting away or precious life.

Gurbani’s order is –

  1. He who becomes resigned to the guru’s will, remains detached. 1054
  2. O my soul, unite yourself with your Lord. Of no avail is anything else to you. 238 
  3. A gursikh never lets (God) out of his mind for he knows as a visitor he has to leave (this world). Bhai Gurdas Var 32/1

Abstinence is vital to cure physical and mental diseases. Otherwise the diseases instead of reducing, they will keep increasing.

In our daily life the

  • jealousy
  • duality
  • falsehood
  • fraud
  • corruption

are predominant and rampant, thus degenerating our human and spiritual life even further. Without abstaining from these human vices our spiritual upliftment cannot take place.

  1. Nanak as many as are the sins, so many are the chains around man’s neck. 595
  2. Why are you imbued with the love of another? In sinning, none is a friend of yours.  No one shall be your helper and you shall forever regret your deeds.  With your tongue you do not utter the praises of the Lord. When shall this body  come again. 546 
  3. With great relish you peck at the bait and are caught. O fool by what virtue will you escape. 990 
  4. As many as are the joys of the body, as many are the pains which cling to it. 1287
  5. The mind is polluted, worship is not possible and Name cannot be obtained. 39

The reason why, in spite of our active involvement in doing path, worship and donating, our religious efforts do not produce results and our spiritual progress does not take place is because, our mind is filled with lowly desires.

There is difference between the deeds we do and the statements that we make.  For this reason our efforts and so called worship are reduced to a level of hypocrisy.

Bhagat Kabir Ji has written –

  1. All the men utter God’s Name, but by such utterances man does not become one with the lord. 491
  2. The knowledge of the secret in repeating ‘Ram’ (the name of God) can only be discovered in the company of gurmukh piaarays that is the society of evolved souls. The arduous spiritual path of simran is only undertaken by some blessed souls who  follow the path of the guru. 
  3. O slave Nanak, this is a difficult game only a few know it through the Guru. 219
  4. Let any one meditate with all his heart on this treasure ( of the Name). In all the ages he shall obtain salvation. 296
  5. Difficult it is to utter the True Name. 9
  6. O man, so sweet is the Lord’s elixir. By Guru’s grace, some rare one tastes it 886

In the sublime company of such beloved gurmukhs can the mind be linked with the soul. The mind that is coloured with the hue of divine love reaches a state where from within itself gushes out the words –

  1. my Beloved! I live by contemplating over the Name. 40

To be continued

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