Gurbachan Singh Panwan (Thailand) … Another for the Fog of Deception

Gurbachan Singh Panwan talking about Naam Simran

This video shows Prof Gurbachan Singh Panwan talking about NAAM SIMRAN.  Please see below under section “Amrit Vela and Naam Simran” for comments.  This is an extract from a complete video which can be viewed at LINK A.

by Harnaak Singh (comments in green italics)

Principal Gurbachan Singh Panwan also referred to as Gurbachan Singh Thailand has been invited, together with Sarabjit Singh Dhunda and Sukhwinder Singh to speak at the “Leadership of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Programme” to be held in a number of venues in Malaysia (see the program at the end of this article).

According to Autar Singh the three speakers are the senior staff of Gurmat Gian Missionary College Ludhiana (GGMC Ludhiana)

Gurbachan Singh is the Principal of GGMC.  The other speakers are Sarabjit Dhunda and Sukhwinder Singh, Professor and Vice-Principal respectively.  See Fig 1 extracted from the GGMC Ludhiana website (see LINK B).

Fig 1: The Speakers attached with GGMC Ludhiana
170826 GGMC Fig 1 

As we had discussed in the article “DHUNDA … MISSIONARY PREACHER MISLEADING THE SANGAT … WHY ARE WE BEING MISLED? THIS IS THE REASON” posted  at Gurvichar on 24-Aug-2016 (LINK C) we should identify and keep away from miscreants who mislead and create controversy and confusion.  What do we know of this preacher?

The article at Sikh Sangat News Link D and the video above gives some information.

Main points (in black and red text) below are from article Sikh Sangat News.  This article can be viewed at Link D.


He starts with Gurmat principles in the beginning of “katha”, but being a hard core Kala Afghana followers, diverts his “katha” to attack Gurmat openly.


He said there is no benefit of getting baptised with “khande bate di pahul”.


Getting up at Amrit vela and doing Naam Simran was also denounced by him.

In the video above Gurbachan Singh Panwan is seen talking about NAAM SIMRAN. 

He calls our long standing practice of NAAM SIMRAN (also termed Naam Jap) as MERELY MECHANICAL REPETITION.  He then goes on to show NAAM SIMRAN as we perform is futile by referring to an example of the shaking of heads of the Sangat performing NAAM SIMRAN.  This ridicule is used as his explanation to justify his statement that NAAM SIMRAN is merely MECHANICAL REPETITION.  He then goes on to relate the Hardwar event with Guru Nanak and uses this as further justification of his view.  

I think he is either foolish to use the Hardwar event as justification or is trying to hoodwink the Sangat.  

In the Hardwar event, Guru Nanak shows that throwing the water to the long gone forefathers is futile by giving a similar illustration about watering his farm very far away.  This example by GuruJi clearly shows that the actions the Hardwar Pandits are performing is futile.

However Gurbachan Panwan’s example of using shaking of heads does not show that NAAM SIMRAN as performed is futile.  How can the shaking of heads show that NAAM SIMRAN is useless?  This is a very “uneducated” example.  Does he really understand what he is trying to explain?  This is why I say he is foolish to use this to justify his view.  Do we want to go and listen to such people who don’t even understand what they are preaching?

Further does not his view ring a bell.  Gurvichar post LINK E “BE AWARE HOW GURBANI IS DISTORTED? … TRYING TO REDEFINE JAP ਜਪੁ” which analyses Karminder Singh’s identical view on this topic refers.

These are characteristics of the Kala Afghana aligned ADNs (Nindaks) see attached Figure 3.


Gurbachan Singh Thailandwale was asked to leave Gurudwara Sahib

The decision of committee was unanimous and they did not want any problem in community by having preacher like Thailandwale who only speak against Sikh Rehat Maryada.

The above points rhyme with what Sarabjit Dhunda also subscribes to.  These teachings create controversy and mislead the Sangat.  It is therefore no surprise that the Gurdwara asked him to leave.

Gurbachan Singh Panwan is also addressed as Professor (as seen from the internet) see Fig 2.  Research on the internet does not show he has a PhD.  Looks like he is another of the FAKE Professors.   The same was the case with Prof (FAKE) Sarabjit Dhunda.  What is the need to LIE to falsely show high academic credentials?

Fig 2: Prof (FAKE) Gurbachan Singh Panwan
170826 Prof Gurbachan Panwan Fig 2

Fig 3: What the ADNs believe in


Leadership of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Programme.

We need your support in carrying out this programme. On receiving your consent, we will include your logo on the event posters.

2 Seminars and 12 Lectures are being planned to be held as follows:

15/9 evening – lecture with q&a

a) GS Klang 

b) GS Seremban

c) GS Selayang

16/9 Seminar in Klang Valley

All 3 speakers.

17/9 Seminar in Penang

All 3 speakers.

18/9 morning – meeting with KDM

18/9 evening – lecture with q&a

a) WGS Ipoh

b) GS Taiping

c) GS Kampar

19/9 evening – lecture with q&a

a) KL Satsang TKD

b) GS Ulu Klang Ampang

c) GS Port Klang

20/9 evening – lecture with q&a

a) GS PJ

b) GS Sentul

c) GSGN Shah Alam

Thank you. 

Autar Singh

Programme Coordinator


[08/08, 10:15 am] Aman Singh:

The 3 speakers/parcharaks for the 15-20 September programmes are the following senior staff of GGMC Ludhiana:

1. Principal Gurbachan Singh Panwa

2. Sarabjit Singh Dhunda

3. Sukhwinder Singh Dadehar.