Dhunda … Missionary Preacher misleading the Sangat … Why are we being misled? This is the Reason

by Harnaak Singh (comments in green italics)

Translation of the two Punjabi/Gurmukhi slides in the video

First Slide

Sarabjit Singh Dhunda associated with Gurmat Gyan Missionary College Ludhiana, denigrates “Akaal Roopee” Gurbani kirtan at Sri Darbar Sahib by using uncouth vulgar comments.

Second (last) Slide

Can Sarabjit Dhunda, to the Sikh Panth, 

  • explain and 
  • provide the list of 

which compositions (rachnava) recited at the Sri Darbar Sahib which he claims even put the prostitutes to shame (meaning reciting these compositions is worse than what the prostitutes do). 

Summarised from article by Darshan Singh at LINK A and a video by Panthic.org


He is not a Professor.  Why is he using the title PROFESSOR?  What kind of PREACHER LIES?  

For who can use a title of Professor please see LINK B.  

Dictionary definition of Professor – “a faculty member of the highest academic rank at an institution of higher education dividing his/her time between scholarship and teaching mainly advanced students” (Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged); “a university academic of the highest rank” (Oxford Dictionary).


Dhunda states that compositions recited at Sri Darbar Sahib even bring prostitutes to shameHe is referring to Gurbani (which includes that from Dasam Granth) recited at Harmandir Sahib.  The video above refers.  Also see LINK C at time 3:51 sec. He misguidedly uses Sukha Singh/Mehtab Singh and Massa Rangard historical event to justify his misleading views.


Dhunda labels our own mothers, sisters and daughters as female prostitutes because of dancing at private family functions.  He misguidedly uses Sukha Singh/Mehtab Singh and Massa Rangard historical event to justify his misleading views.  See video LINK C at time 2:51 sec.


The task of the missioniary is to guide the community rather than doing offensive talk against some members of the Sangat and that too in the hazoori of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  Rightly so – there appears to be no tact or respect for the Sangat and disrespect for the SGGS Ji in his tone.


  • Most of our naïve brothers and sisters go to see such preacher, thinking that he will give us the medicine for our sins
  • It is easy for a missionary like Dhunda to do lectures on us because he knows our weakness that most of us are empty and ignorant about faith. We should understand that these missionary are paid and free all day to memorize few tuks from SGGS and then use that against us. They live their “roji roti” by doing emotional blackmail on Sangat.
  • We are simply just being lazy, pathetic and naïve by totally relying on pathetic preachers like Dhunda.

Remember there is no magic formula, we have to do the hard yard, learn Gurbani from many different sources, for example rely on 

  • the teachings that our forefathers subscribed to
  • use and listen to multiple credible time tested resources
  • identify and keep away from miscreants who mislead and create controversy and confusion
  • use proper and credible time tested information with proper historical records for our learning. 


  • We don’t need third party dodgy pracharks such as Dhunda to tell us about Sikhi. 
  • We should  remove third party such as Dhunda from our life. 
  • We must stop listing to third parties such as missionary Dhunda or Ghagga, as such third parties will always create confusions.


If we want peace in our life then the formula is very simple and given by our Guru Sahib: 

  • Kirt karni, earn an honest living
  • Vaand ke shakna, be socially responsible by contributing both materially and spiritually towards society
  • Naam Simran Karna meditate on the Vaheguru by reciting Gurbani and 
  • Bhanna man-Keh-Charrdi kala vich rehana. abide by what Vaheguru has ordained us and always remain in high spirits.