FROM THE WALL of GURDWARA GURU DONGMAR: Guru Dongmar Lake in all its Transcendent Beauty throughout the year.

by Dr Anurag Singh



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Guru Dongmar Lake is referred in the Map of Sikkim, printed by Surveyor General of India in 1981, in which no Buddhist religious place (Gompha) is referred at Guru Dongmar.  It is referred as Gongmar Cho: Lake.

Brief History of the Lake and its Association With Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Lake Size:800+500 Yards)

This Lake is situated at an altitude of 17120 feet above sea level and the temperature here is -30 degrees on account of which the Lake remains frozen.  Inhabitants of the area faced acute shortage of drinking water. On the request of the locals Guru Nanak Dev Ji broke the ice of the frozen lake with his stick (which he carried during his travels) and that part of Lake was melted to make available fresh drinking water for the people.  Rest of the Lake remained frozen and this phenomenon can still be watched by all the pilgrims.  On the frozen side of the Lake you can drive the vehicle and on the actual spot where Guru Sahib broke the ice of the Frozen Lake the people are getting drinking water from this Lake even in acute winters when the temperature is Minus 30 degree.

The water of the Lake became sacred for the locals and they treated it as Elixir of Life (Amrit) to cure different patients. Guru Nanak Dev Ji is called Ghishmi Lama by the locals.  It is revered as Gurudhama (Amrit) of Ghishmi Lama Guru.

Recently, the Sikkim Government, with the patronage of Chief-Minister and Government machinery tried to dislocate the relics, associated with Guru Sahib, and Guru Granth Sahib from the Sanctum Santorum of the Historical Gurdwara in gross violation of Article-21 of Constitution of India and historic Judgement of Supreme Court of India that Guru Granth Sahib is a Living Entity.

The case had been admitted and stayed both by Sikkim High Court and Supreme Court of India.  Pray God for success of this noble mission.

P.S.It is emphatically stated that Tantric Monk Padmasambhava never visited this place during his life.  In fact his abode and area of preaching was Lhasa and its adjoining areas of Western Tibet, now under China.



01 see the frozen part of the Lake