Hans Raj Hans – Khalsa Di Maa

by Bhau Ji

In our obstinacy, the words and advice of our Gurus

  • Do not touch (affect) us
  • Are considered not necessary
  • Are read and heard superficially
  • Are not considered for practicing.

Materialism has had a powerful influence on us that without it, we do not feel the need to

  • listen
  • discuss
  • understand
  • follow anything else.

We have taken for granted that-

  • The advice in Gurbani is not written for us, it is for some others such as Gianis and religious leaders.
  •  We are family people, “How can family go without “Maya”.

This downfall of ours is described by Gurbani thus-

  1. They who deliberate not over the Lord Master’s Name are unfortunate and are annihilated. They are, over and over again, goaded into existence. They die, are reborn and continue coming and going.  Bound at the Death’s door, they are soundly beaten and suffer punishment at the God’s court. (996) 
  2. Whoever remembers not the Lord’s name, he loses all his life in gamble.
  3. Egoism and egotism stimulate the mammonish instinct and it eats up the apostates. They who attatch their mind to another’s love, this mammoth sticks and clings to them. (513) 
  4. Mammon is a she-serpent, which is clinging to the world. He, who performs her service, him she ultimately devours. (510) 
  5. They forget Lord God, the Friend, and are attached to the deceitful wealth. The Son, the wife and the riches go not with the mortal but that Imperishable God does.  Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations the whole world has perished. (133)

Seeing our pitiful condition the Gurus have made us understand in Gurbani and have used various devices and methods to get us to do Simran, such as

Through easy and simple advice

  • By appeasing
  • By incentive
  • With love.

But if Gursikhs engrossed in mammon still forget God, then the gurus

  • Chide
  • Scold
  • Warn
  • Taunt and Snub
  • Threaten with punishment

to motivate them to do simran.

The Gursikhs have been coaxed to do simran in Gurbani thus-

  1. My Friend! remember you the name of the Lord God. In the guild of the Guru God abides within one’s mind and his service becomes fruitful. (52)
  2. O my dear friendly soul! Do you meditate on the Name of the World Master. O mind! My sweet friend, God shall stand by you. (79) 
  3. O Brother! Instruct this mind of yours. O my soul! Why are you indolent? Under Guru’s instruction ponder over Lord’s name. (28) 
  4. O my soul! Meditate you on the Name of the Lord Master. The invaluable name is obtained through the Guru. (537)

The Gursikhs have been motivated with love to do Simran in Gurbani thus-

  1. Sing you the Lord’s praise, O friend. Remembering God, your honour shall be saved. Contemplating God, Death’s myrmidon shall touch you not. 889
  2. Associating yourself with the pious persons, utter you the Lord’s name. Of all, this is the most immaculate and perfect occupation. (865) 
  3. Remember the Name, O my friends and comrades. Without the Name, nothing else do I have and by the greatest good luck I have received God’s name through the Guru. (366) 
  4. O, my brothers, the disciples of the Guru, Utter you the Name of God. By repeating God’s Name, all the sins are washed off. (165) 
  5. My soul! with ease and calmness dwell upon God’s Name. Through the eight watches (the day), do you think of the Lord and ever sing the praises of the world illuminator. (44) 
  6. The Nectar is the treasure of God’s Name. Meet together and quaff it, O my brothers, by remembering whom peace is obtained and all the thirst is slaked. (318)

    To be continued

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