Beware of Bhekhi Sikhs who are promoting deviant anti-panthic teachings.

They promote Kala Aghana’s, Ragi Darshu and Dr Chahal’s teachings.  They call themselves Khalsas but are totally against the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh.  Both Kala Afghana & Ragi Darshu has been ex-communicated by the Panth.


by Dr Anurag Singh

These so-called Sikhs are controlling the Sikh Shrines abroad in which according their self-imposed Rehit, dictated by their Ali Baba (Principal of their College):

  1. Guru Gobind Singh ji was not the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs.
  2. Guru Gobind Singh did not compose any Bani.
  3. As Dasam Granth Sahib is not composed by Guru Gobind Singh ji, so Japu Sahib, Sudha Sawayie, Kabio Bach Benti Chaupai are not NITNEM BANIS.
  4. Similarly, Ardasa too is not an authentic Congregational Prayer.
  5. So the Baptism Ceremony of the Khalsa, started by Guru Gobind Singh is not a valid Baptism Ceremony.

On the above counts the Ecclesiastical Court of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib ex-communicated many Heretics working in tandem with the Governments of the time:

  1. Gurmukh Singh,
  2. Babu Teja Singh and his wife Niranjan Kaur,
  3. Agiani Bhag Singh,
  4. Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana,
  5. Joginder Singh Spokesman,
  6. Darshan Singh Ragi.

Sardar nu mare Sardar ya mare Kartar.

So discard these,

  • deceptive Sikhs,
  • spiritually barren,
  • emotionally bankrupt,
  • morally depraved and
  • intellectually dishonest,

who have mortgaged their souls and brains for money.

Gur Fateh

Dr Anurag Singh




Leading organizations in England under the banner of Federation of Sikh Organizations (UK) also denounced the blasphemous act committed by Ragi Darshan Sinh’s followers in Chantilly, Virginia, and declared that heretics such as Ragi Darshan Sinh, Gurbakhsh Sinh Kala-Afghana, Inder Sinh Ghagga, Harjinder Sinh Dilgeer will not be allowed to venture into Panthic events or institutions in the UK.


Be warned, once we all have discarded our acceptance of Dasam Granth BY FOLLOWING AUTAR’s and his COHORTS ANTI-GURMAT PREACHING they will continue with their NONSENSE.  Knowing that they now term SGGS Ji, our LIVING GURU, a metaphor, these people will then WRECK HAVOC with the SGGS Ji.

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