Bhai Chattar Singh – Jap Mann Satnam Sada Satnam

by Bhau Ji
“When the mind is polluted, worship is not possible and Naam cannot be obtained”

 In the previous parts of this series an in-depth discussion has taken place on the various aspects of ‘Simran’.

Just as abstinence is necessary for a complete cure of physical diseases, or a system of protection is needed to keep a machine in running order, – similarly the travelers on the spiritual path too, need many forms of abstinence for the very subtle / sublime spiritual ‘efforts’ needed for simran.  If we remain unconcerned or irresponsible about these abstinence, then our attention cannot focus on ‘Simran’. We will continue to superficially imitate the action of doing Simran of just make a show of it.

  1. Just as a wayward who asks the way, but does not take a step in that direction, How can he reach the kingdom of the Beloved by just talking alone.
  2. Just as someone asks the doctor a cure for his disease but fails to act on the prescription, how can his disease be cured and how can he experience peace.
  3. When asked, she says she is married, but her actions show that she is not virtuous. With the heart so full of sin, how can she ever expect to please her spouse. 
  4. Singing or listening or sitting in meditation with eyes closed, supreme bliss is not achieved by those who do not put into practice the teachings of the guru in their daily life. Kabit BG 439

Our mind is very restless and gullible. “A moment of conversation with someone and you get convinced.”  Similarly, our mind easily succumbs to outside influence and becomes ‘hot’ or ‘cold’.

Over numerous births we have been influenced by external factors. By regularly focusing on those thought (thinking about them often) they have become entrenched in the store of our subconscious mind. When some external stimuli triggers the system, the heat from some previous depraved mental attitudes surfaces, from the deepest recesses of the subconscious mind and under its influence, we turn helpless and deed – bound we become victims of degrading tendencies

just like:-

  • jealousy
  • enmity
  • fights and quarrels
  • hatred and envy
  • falsehood and fraud
  • forcibly acquiring
  • tension (tug of war)
  • comrades in stealing
  • black smuggling
  • physical pleasures
  • fashion conscious
  • slander – backbiting
  • unnecessary daily involvement
  • wasteful debates-criticism
  • bad company


Every one, according to his mental map or environment, unknowing meditates or does simran of these tendencies. By continuous repetition/recalling of these tendencies the habit gets ingrained and slowly it thrusts, penetrates and diffuses into our life and becomes a part of it. Thus our behaviour, character or personality becomes polluted and repulsive. As a result of this polluted and repulsive behaviour and character, our homes, in fact the whole world atmosphere, experiences its evil and bad influences. This is the reason why there is an increase in anxiety, enmity, opposition, wars and quarrels.

To clarify this daily life’s routine, the following suitable analogy (e.g.) can be given:-

Alcoholics, (or any other addict) by drinking alcohol daily over a prolonged period, find that its evil effects thrust penetrate and diffuse into their body, to the extent that the effect of alcohol seeps into their veins and arteries and they become a form of alcohol (called alcoholics). Whatever he thinks, remembers or does, he is under the negative influence of alcohol. In his life, the effect of alcohol is so pronounced that he becomes an embodiment of alcohol.

Such a seasoned alcoholic can think of nothing but alcohol. His condition can be likened to putting a riddle to one who is hungry. His only answer can be “food.” Even if he imitates and tries to do some thing, he does it under the deep influence or ‘stamp’ of alcohol.

Thus, if we do not stop abstaining from evil mental tendencies, until then, inspite of practicing rights and rituals, worship and paath etc., we can make no physical, mental or religious progress.

  1. Having been smeared with the filth of pride, the world suffers pain. The filth of pride is attached because of worldly love.
  2. By no means can this dirt of ego be washed off even though one may bath in hundreds of religious places of pilgrimage.
  3. By performing rituals in various ways, double the amount of filth attaches to man. This filth is not removed by acquiring knowledge. Go and consult the Divines. 39

If a patient has the habit of eating sugar, and the doctor tells him abstain from sugar, but the habit-driven sugar eating ‘patient’ continues to eat sugar secretly or under pretext, then his disease instead to reducing will become worse.

In the same way, we are being carried away in the stream of some previous materialistic system, and to change or to abstain from it, we

  • do not seem to remember it.
  • do not seem to see the need for it
  • seem to have no courage
  • do not seem to make any effort.

That is why, it is a common complaint of seekers that while doing simran, the mind does not focus.

Instead of practicing abstinence from negative low tendencies or vices, we dwell on the vices of others that is taking delight in talking ill about others. In this way we search into the mistakes of vices of people and small and enjoy its stench thereby causing our mind, feelings, intellect to become all more polluted.

To be continued 

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