by Dr Anurag Singh


In the last 35 years there is mushrooming of DECEPTIVE SIKH ORGANISATIONS, heading by Bhekhi Sikhs and promoted by the Writers on Sale. Scholars are identified by their intellect to remove the doubts among the masses, but they have been trained to raise doubts and create confusion and controversies like their predecessors:

  1. Minas,
  2. Handalyias,
  3. Nirankaris,
  4. Radha Soamis,
  5. Namdharis,
  6. Gurmukh Singh,
  7. Babu Teja Singh Bhasaur,
  8. Bhag Singh Giani,
  9. Joginder Spokesman,
  10. Gurbaksh Kala Afghana,
  11. Ragi Darshan,
  12. Harjinder Dilgeer,
  13. Sukhpreet Udhoke,
  14. Panthpreet,
  15. Gurmat Gian Missionary College Ludhiana,
  16. Missionary College Ludhiana,
  17. Gurtej Singh Chandigarh,
  18. Khalsa News,
  19. Malechh Khalsa of Malaysia,
  20. Fake Khalistanis,
  21. Inder Ghagha,
  22. Sarabjit Dhunda,
  23. Harnek New Zealand,
  24. Kuldip Sher-i-Punjab Radio and

many more, backed by Anti-Sikh Agencies working overtime, to unleash a motivated and false propaganda that:

  1. Bhagat Bani and Bhatt Bani in Guru Granth Sahib is not a Bani of this Canonised Scripture.
  2. Bhai Gurdas’s Works (Vars and Kabitts) are Brahminical in nature and his works are not considered by the Gurus as Key to Guru Granth Sahib: Shabad da Tikka. This theory was once floated by W.H.Mc’Leod to challenge the Udasis of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 
  3. Bhai Bala, life long companion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji,is non-existent person.
  4. Guru Gobind Singh’s Dasam Granth is a Brahmincal Granth, written by RSS.
  5. Khande-Di-Pahul of the Khalsa is not an authentic Baptism ceremony.
  6. Nitnem Banis are not in accordance with their New Brand of Gurmat.
  7. Sikh Congregational Prayer(ARDASA) too is Brahminical and should be rejected.
  8. Sikh Ethics of Naam, Ishaan, Kirtan are not fruitful.
  9. Bhai Mani Singh and Baba Deep Singh ji were not martyrs but suffered due to altering the Gurbani and its order.
  10. Turban of the Sikhs is a gift from the British to the Sikhs.
  11. Sarovars built by the Gurus are not healer of our sufferings as is being advocated.
  12. Janamsakhi and Gurbilas literature is Brahminical in nature.
  13. Kavi Santokh Singh’s magnum opus SURAJ PRAKASh is Brahminical in nature and tradition of its Katha in our Gurdwaras should be stopped.
  14. Bhai Mani Singh’s SIKAN DI BHAGATMALA, based on Bhai Gurdas’s 11th Var, giving Historical Sermons of Sikh Gurus (from Guru Nanak Dev Ji-Guru Hargobind Sahib ji) is Brahminical in nature.
  15. Miracles of God, revealed through our Gurus, Mystics, Saints and Apostles are Brahminical in nature.
  16. Names of our Gurus, holy mothers, Gurdwaras and Apostles are wrongly given in our historical records: 
    1. Such as Harimandar Sahib not Darbar Sahib,
    2. Guru Nanak Dev not Guru Nanak Sahib,
    3. Guru Angad Dev not Guru Angad Sahib etc,
    4. Mata Sundari not Mata Sunder Kaur,
    5. Mata Sahib Devi not Mata Sahib Kaur,
    6. Mata Gujari not Mata Gujar Kaur,
    7. Bhai Nand Lal not Bhai Nand Lal Singh.

We have seen that these modern 16 Kalan Sampuran Group Of Slanderers (NINDAKS) have denounced everything dear to the Sikhs of the Guru as Brahminical, which give rise to the opinion that now the BRAHMINS will seek guidance from these Deceptive Sikhs and Slanderers to define Brahminism.

Black List the Organisations on Social Media which are promoting this Nonsensical Propaganda through these hired Writers, Kathakars and Parcharaks.

Gur-Fateh.Har Maidan Fateh.