Baljeet Delhiwale, exaggerating and misleading the act of doing Simran.


Baljeet Delhiwala, part of Kala Afghana’s Brigade who are adversaries of Sikhs, Malech Khalsa, Panth Nindaks has no excuse to call the word of God the sound of  barking dog.

They distort the original videos to mislead sangat that the gursikhs are barking instead of doing simran. The attack is mainly on Akhand Kirtani Jatha and other jatha bandis who are known for doing lots of simran which is part of Sikh tradition as laid by the Gurus.

Please go to the link below to see how distortion can be easily done by anyone. Be aware and do not trust these Kala Afghana’s brigade.

Our allegiance is to the Guru Panth and the Takhats.  It would be unthinkable to involve and associate the Gurdwaras with any group having Gurmat Virodhi views or who support Gurmat virodhi views or elements or against whom Gurmattas, Hukumnamay or Sandesh issued by the Akaal Takhat or the other Takhats.

Akaal Takhat Adesh dated 7 July 2017

Number ਅ: 3/17/3192 Date: 07-07-2017

Guru Piaree

Sadh Sangat and Gurdwara Committees


Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

It is advised that presently some individuals are creating numerous misconceptions and misunderstanding in the Sangat for their personal benefit.  They are speaking against the Sikh history and Amrit Sanchar Banees.  Sikh Sangat, be alert to these individuals who speak against Sikh History and Amrit Sanchar and do not associate with them.  Sikh Sangat, please guard the Panthic Rehat Maryada and be dedicated to the Akal Takhat.

Guru Rakha

Servant of Guru Panth


(Gurbachan Singh)


Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib

Sri Amritsar

Translation of Akaal Takhat Letter dated 07-07-2018

akal Takhat letter - 07072017