Gurleen Kaur Toronto – Kar Saeen Sio Pirhari

by Bhau Ji
O divine beings, detach yourself from worldly wisdom and immerse yourself in God’s meditation


Briefly the action of simran has two aspects:

  1. External – physical and mental action.
  2. Internal – Spiritual personal experience.

The act of physical and mental simran has been discussed in detail. The connection between the two aspects is discussed in detail. The connection between the two aspects is discussed below with more examples.

Under the earth there is water. We take out this underground pure water to fulfill our needs. To take out this water we have to bore the earth.  When the layer of water is reached, the water comes up through a pipe which has been inserted through the boring. But to bring out the water and to get it to flow, we have to put in the water and work the hand pump. In a newly made bore the water does not come out because there is air in the pipe. Until this air comes out, the underground water cannot be sucked up. We have to take out this air and put in water from outside. We keep on working at the hand pump until the air comes out and a continuous flow of water starts.

Exactly in the same way we do internal boring with simran to achieve our religious aim. The external effort through simran can take our attention to a certain limited height: it cannot reach the spiritual sphere.

This is so because within the folds of our simran activity, just like the pipe having air, there is the constituent of ego, such as –

  • I am meditating
  • My simran is working
  • My level (spiritual) is high already
  • I shall become good and noble or become a holy person
  • I shall be praised
  • People will touch my feet
  • I shall achieve salvation etc.

Such desires of ego do not leave us even when we are doing simran.  This egoistic feeling and the divine desire are opposed to each other.

  1. Ego is at variance with the Naam. The two dwell not in one place.560


  1. In self conceit Lord’s devotional service cannot be performed nor, can His Will be realised. In ego, the soul is imprisoned and the Naam cannot abide in the mind. 560

Simran or divine remembering is the play of very subtle divine desires which are the gift of God. In this we, the ego filled beings, have no part or power, it is Guru’s Grace.  Without the grace or favour of Satguru Ji, this spiritual gift cannot be obtained.

  1. The beauteous Lord has kept the bounties in His hand and He gives these to him alone, whom He likes. 604
  2. (I have) no strength to ask and no power to give. 7
  3. By one’s effort, the love for the Lord is obtained not, even though all may long for it. This cup of love belongs to the Lord. He gives it to him whom He likes.  1378 
  4. The gift is in the hand of the Giver. We receive it at the Guru’s Door. 33

This divine gift is obtained when the doubt fallacy of egoism, like air, is distanced from our mind or when the mental dirt is removed from it and there is hunger and desire for this gift.

  1. They who feel thirst for You partake(drink) of Your Nectar. 962
  2. As is the thirst in man’s mind, so is the type of water, which you give to him. 504

As long as the dirt of egoism is not removed from the mind or the doubt- fallacy of my-mine is not distanced, until then we remain deprived of the Divine Grace.

  1. When there was egoism in me, You were not with me. Now that You are there, there is no egoism. 657 
  2. As long as this man deems that he is the doer of something, until then he wanders in the womb of existences. 278
  3. Kabir, repeating Your Naam I have become like You. In me now “I” has remained not.  When difference between me and others has been removed, Then wheresoever, I see, there I see but Your O Lord. 1375

This dirt of egoism can be removed through guru’s grace in the company of holy (evolved) people through sincere service and simran.

  1. In the society of saints man’s filth is washed off, And the supreme Lord becomes his friend. 625

Putting water in the pipe from the outside is symbolic of the True Guru’s Divine Grace.

Here another relevant example of the “vacuum” can be given. When there is little or no water coming from our tap, the plumbers tell us that there is air leaking into it. When the pipe is unearthed, some rust is seen and in the rusty area is a hole. Air rushes in through this hole from outside thus reducing the vacuum in the tap. Just as the volume of vacuum reduces, the expulsive power of the water also reduces.  Eventually no vacuum is left and the spontaneous flow of the water is obstructed.