Budha Kaur – Kar Asa Aaio Prabh Mangan

by Bhau Ji
O divine beings, detach yourself from worldly wisdom and immerse yourself in God’s meditation

This point can be easily understood through the example given below.

In sending sputniks to the moon scientists go through 3 stages. Firstly with the help of a rocket the sputnik is sent into space beyond the gravity of the earth. Here the sputnik circles in the space until another more powerful rocket pushes it into the gravitational field of the moon. Once in this sphere it needs no rocket and it automatically gets pulled by the gravity of the moon.

In the same way man has physical, mental and spiritual stages. When man, dissatisfied with ‘play arena’ of the physical and mental stages, focuses his attention through simran, he enters the lonely space of ‘thoughtless state of mind’. To reach the intitutional sphere of God, one has to pass this condition of the ‘thoughtless state of mind’.

When the truth-seeker’s attention is involved in the mental thoughtless state of mind contemplation, he experiences:-

  • calmness
  • coolness
  • comfort
  • peace

– from which he does not like to come out. Satisfied with this, or regarding this tasteless – dry, thoughtless state of mind contemplation – as life’s spiritual destination, he forgets the higher stage of :-

  • love fill meditation
  • simple contemplation
  • Intuitional bliss
  • Naam
  • Word

Only with Guru’s Grace and in the company of spiritually elevated souls can one come out of such subtle spiritual doubt-filled fallacious thoughtless state of mind or vacuum. This hidden secret is mentioned by Gurbani thus:

  1. If man meets with the True Guru, then his doubts are dispelled and the wondering mind is restrained. It rains nectar, celestial music plays, and from within his mind, man obtains divine knowledge. 730 
  2. Some perform six types of rituals and deed, The perfect persons, seekers and yogis practice good many ostentations, some remain in natural form and some wear tresses and matted hair. The Lord’s union is attained, not by wearing false garbs, but through the society of spiritually evolved souls.  Through the great Guru’s teaching, God is met. The holy evolved ones open widely the door of deliverance. 1267 
  3. Union with the Lord is obtained not through ostentatious robes, nor is the union obtained through dirty dress. Nanak, union with the Lord is obtained, under the True Guru’s instruction, even while sitting in one’s own home. 1421

Despite unlimited religious rituals in the world nowadays, mental degradation is on the increase. From this it is clear that our effort towards spirituality is superficial and half-hearted or wrong.

This point is illustrated in Gurbani as follows:

  1. Everyone utters God’s Name, but by such utterances man does not become at one with the Lord. If by Guru’s grace the Lord abides in the mind, then alone does anyone gather fruit. 491 
  2. Kabir, there is a secret in worshipping ‘Raam’. Therein lies a point worthy of consideration. The same word everyone uses for Dasrath’s son, and same word for the  wonderous Lord . 1374

The secret is –

  • Love filled meditation
  • Love filled desire
  • faith filled desire
  • Guru’s Grace

This spiritual secret is considered and recognised only by some rare spiritual soul:-

  1. Rare are such people in this world. Who reflect over the Guru’s Word and remain detached. 1039
  2. Rare are the people who follow the Guru’s path. VBG 28/29

When such ‘guru-orientated persons’ or ‘God’s beloved servants’ discard their deceptive mental acrobatics and ‘why-what how’ and immerse themselves in the word with attention through devoted worship and faith filled with love, then they become eligible to receive the blessings of the Satguru –

  1. By Lord’s devotional service, doubt and dread depart and one fiinds O Nanak, ever in the presence of God. 406
  2. The Lord of the World is hungry for love and worship. vbg 10/7
  3. A worshipper, who places before the Satguru even a worthless coin with love and faith, the Satguru blesses him with all the treasures. kbg 111
  4. The True Guru has imparted this understanding onto me, that the Lord is obtained through love, affection, reverential regard and meditation. 245
  5. Those who love, only they will realise God. Sawayeh Patshahi 10

To enshrine God’s pure ‘love’ in the heart, it is essential to have total faith on the Infinite Lord.

For example a baby, in its innocence has full of devotion in his/her mind for its mother. The baby first learns the word ‘mother’ and has full faith in her. In this stage of childhood innocence, for the child, the mother is his/her

  • guru
  • God
  • giver
  • protector
  • everything

On the other hand the mother too in her motherliness and ‘mother’s-love’ looks after and nurtures the child with undivided love from depths of her heart. The child, dependent on the mother

  • loves and cuddles
  • has fun and frolic
  • is mischieves
  • requests gifts
  • laughs – cries
  • quarrels – fights
  • gets annoyed – makes up
  • is care -less, without a worry and leads an innocent life.