British Government occupied Punjab in 1848CE by deceit and default and to apply the Doctrine of Lapse effectively they took Maharaja Dalip Singh to England.  When the demand for Return Of Maharaja gained momentum in Punjab the crafty British Government ushered in the Era Of Divide and Rule.

To suppress this legitimate demand the British Government hired the Ever Obliging Sikhs as Tools Of Their Operation.


They patronised Prof. Gurmukh Singh of Lahore through Sir Attar Singh Of Bhadaur in 1882 and not only raised a parallel body called Lahore Singh Sabha, but also created the following controversies:

  1. Bhai Bala is not a historical figure of Sikh History and is a mythical character.
  2. Janamsakhi Bhai Bala was written by the Niranjanias much later.
  3. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was not born on Katak Sudi 15,1526Bk but Vaisakh Sudi 3.
  4. Dasam Granth is not composed by Guru Gobind Singh ji.

In this era of struggle people forgot about the Maharaja and engaged themselves in clearing the darkness created by this newly established tours of the British Government.  During this time Karam Singh too was decorated with the title of State Historian and he played as an Obliging tool and published his most controversial book Katak ki Vaisakh.

But even after continued propaganda on the same lines by University Dons and Other Slanderers for 134 years today:

  1. Janamsakhi Of Bhai Bala is the most important Janamsakhi and its more Manuscripts are available than any other Janamsakhi.
  2. Bhai Bala is a historical figure and receives the attention of pilgrims when they visit Khadur Sahib and see his samadhi where he was cremated by Guru Angad Dev Ji.
  3. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Prakash Purab was declared as Holiday by the British Government and Tithi was Katak Sudi 15.
  4. Dasam Granth is a Holy Canonised Scripture Of The Sikhs and forms Nitnem, Ardasa and Baptism Of the Khalsa Holy Order.

But the Fools and Tools misused by the British failed miserably and even one of the best scholar S.Karam Singh was snubbed by Bhai Vir Singh ji and Giani Gian Singh ji.


In the present phase Congress attacked on the Sikhs and BJP is attacking on SIKHI, and unfortunately the Akali Dals Of All hue are partners of these two political parties one way or the other. Hence they oppose each other on historical and religious issues for the sake of gaining favours from their respective Political Saviours.  In this struggle for power (To Take Control Of Massive Gurdwara Funds) they are being used as Obliging Tools to keep Controversies and Confusion alive. So we have

  1. Dal Khalsa,
  2. Khalsa Panchayat,
  3. Kendari Singh Sabha Chandigarh,
  4. Khalsa News,
  5. Akali Dal Mann,
  6. Akali Dal Sarna,
  7. Ragi Darshan,
  8. Harjinder Dilgeer,
  9. Ghaghas,
  10. Panthpreet,
  11. Jathedar Vedanti,
  12. Kirpal Singh Badungar,
  13. Bibi Jagir Kaur,
  14. Global Sikh Council,
  15. Comrade Purewal and Co,
  16. Sukhpreet Udhoke

and many such surrogate organisations and Splinter Groups working as Obliging Tools in the hands of Anti-Sikh forces to keep the pot boiling on:

  1. Fake Nanakshahi Jantri Of Purewal with Distorted Dates.
  2. Dasam Granth Sahib
  3. Ardasa and
  4. Khande di Pahul.
  5. Gurdawaras:
    1. Gian Godari Sahib,
    2. Guru Dong Mar Sahib,
    3. Guru Nanak Lama Chungthang.
  6. Presenting an unknown place Lohgarh as place of birth of Guru Hari Krishan,
  7. Baba Ram Rai;
  8. Place Of 20 Years meditation by Guru Tegh Bahadur, and
  9. place Guru Gobind Singh stayed for 4 years. (DIPR Haryana BJP Government)
  10. Bassi Pathana as Place Of 4 months detention of Guru Tegh Bahadur after his arrest.
  11. Propaganda Secretaries Bir Dwinder Singh,
  12. Karnail Singh Panjoli, a Tohra Loyalist From Congress Government Of Capt.Amarinder Singh.

Ask anyone of these News Makers to come forward for a debate on the controversy created by them, they did not show courage to face the Truth.

The message was circulated by this Group that they can not think of Celebrating Guru Gobind Singh’s Prakash Purab During the Shahidi Week. But They did not hesitate to throw parties in Five Star Hotels and Celebrate the Birthday Of Master Tara Singh.

For Simranjit Mann Indian National Saka Calendar encased in the name of Nanakshahi is Symbol Of His Separate Identity and that is these people are not being identified as SIKHS of THE GURU and stands rejected and condemned.  Many of these people commanded respect till they were doing some good work, but the moment they fell in the Eyes Of The Guru their future is sealed both in religious and political field. Now the land is barren and it needs new dedicated Sikhs to run the religious affairs of Guru Ghare.




01 This is the Irony Of The Sikhs: Sardar nu mare Sardar, ya mare Kartar.


02 To be different like Maggie Sauce. For Simranjit Mann Indian National Saka Calendar encased in the name of Nanakshahi is Symbol Of His Separate Identity, and people do not now identify him as Sikh Leader. He stands isolated who will create Khalistan with this Indian National Saka Calendar, officially discontinued in 2015 even by the Indian Government.


03 Opposing the Just Instructions Of Ecclesiastical Court Of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, Mr.Mann has set his Khalistan Agenda clear.


04 Won’t celebrate Prakash Purab On Poh Sudi 7 (December 25) but will enjoy parties in Five Star Hotel.Hypocrisy and duplicity at its height.


05 The Purewal Bhagats never raised this issue. On Guru Gobind Singh Marag count the Wine Shops and in Sahnewal one Wine Shop is just close to Guru Gobind Singh Memorial Gate. This Issue was raised by me in meetings of Cultural Affairs Ministry’s meetings but Of no avail. This is the respect shown by Akali as well as Congress Governments to Guru Gobind Singh and his sacrifices.