Hard Truth on Jagir & MGC (Malaysian Gurdwaras Council)



To the Sikh brother who is complaining about our comments on Jagir. Our answer is very simple : The proof is in the pudding! The fighting, hatred, disunity and chaos that has been let loose in our community in the last two years is entirely the fault of Jagir and his cowboys. We did not start it. We did not ask for it. Our community has never experienced this kind of turmoil before the MGC was created. We are all now tasting the pudding cooked by this Jagir and his controller. And the people in the MGC have to be questioned about this, because they have been supporting him, and they are equally responsible for the troubles created by the MGC today . Do they have an answer?

Brother, Why was all this Kala Afgana rubbish needed in our country. You mean to tell us that before all this s__t* was introduced to Malaysia last year, that we didn’t know how to be good Sikhs. What about your parents and their parents who never heard this rubbish; they were not good Sikhs? Can you please tell us how come these people and now even the speakers from the MGC are BANNED FROM SPEAKING IN SINGAPORE? Are you telling us that Jagir of all people knows what is good for the Sikhs, and that the whole Singapore government doesn’t!?!?! Awesome right. He has been begging for a datukship for years. For being smarter than the Singapore govt, they should make him a ‘Tan Sri’ straight away! Maybe even ‘Tun’!

Brother, don’t hide behind this thin veil of democracy called EGM. Why was an EGM necessary last year. Are we having any serious problem in our community that MGC has to have a EGM. The only problem we have is the MGC itself. The problem is not outside. It is inside. The leader has created this problem. If there was needed a EGM, it should have been to expel this leader who has brought shame to all the Sikhs in Malaysia. 

What democratic elected leader are you talking about. Unlike in the past, today, Democracy is a failed model. All democratic countries today are standing at the brink of collapse. India has been paralysed by democracy ever since the day it became independant. That also explains why India is still living in past era closer to the 1950’s. The whole western world has been crippled by democracy and is collapsing day by day. But China on the other side, which adopted a model of always doing what is right for the people putting aside personal, local and regional ambitions, is just inches away from replacing America as the economic and military superpower of the world. They achieved that in just a matter of 30 years, because they rejected the model of democracy. What democracy are you crying about? Some of the world’s democratic elected leaders are the most corrupted!

Today, democratic America stands paralysed. Democracy even allowed the American government to go into complete shutdown twice in the last 2 months. The leadership simply cannot function! Britain the same. Europe, Australia, everywhere there is democracy, the government is paralysed and unable to function. Just find a gift in a leader’s house given by a millionaire, and accuse him of receiving gifts while in office. Bring down anyone you choose on to his knees, using democracy. Or install any puppet anywhere you wish using democracy!

There are countless mechanisms to manipulate any desired outcome in so called democracy. By the way, that is exactly what is happening in the MGC. What planet have you been living on brother. Haven’t you seen those same faces shuffling around in there since the day since the day MGC appeared way back in the 1990’s. What really do you know about what goes on in our community. Surely you know this kind of stuff even goes on in the government. Democracy is; keep splitting up constituencies at every election in a manner favourable to your victory, to assure yourself that you will always be in power. Through this wonderful democracy that you speak about, Jagir can manipulate any way he wants. You mean to tell me that none of these persons were called by Jagir and his MGC people to ask them to vote in his favour. Do you think this vote is representative of the Sikh community’s sentiment. Don’t joke bro. Wake up. Stop fooling yourself. Jagir can stay in power for the next 30 years. No problem. Just use his position to select the reps he wants to represent each gurdwara at the MGC. And these fellas will vote in favour of anything Jagir wants. There goes your democracy. 

Democracy is the reason the Badal’s have destroyed the Punjab. A family so much hated by the people, but cannot be replaced even through your so called ‘democratic process’. Just send enough liquor bottles to your stooges and they will vote for Badal again and again, and anything he wants.  The people are forced to follow and be crushed by his rule because he controls the police, and holds the rope around the neck of every village leader. And Jagir holds the Granthi’s permit and the money that is given by the govt for the Sikh sangat. This is how democracy is working for us in the MGC.

What democracy are you talking about. India too is a democracy. Just like Jagir and Kala Karminder’s attack on Sikh religion in Malaysia, the democratic govt of India has been raping Punjab since the day India became independent. Because just like us, the victims of state bullying and iron-fist in Punjab have no official voice. Therefore, democracy allows the continued oppression of the people. What do you think is going on here? The scenario is exactly the same. The people speaking the truth do not have a voice or the means to change the leader since they do not have any access to the process of this change. It is controlled by Jagir, under instruction from his controller.

When the people of Punjab fight back against Badal, his police and the govt, people like you my friend are the same people who say that they are right to fight back, and what they are demanding is fair and legitimate. But when we, also victims of Jagir and his leadership of MGC who refuses to leave, do the same thing and speak out against the destructive actions of Jagir and the MGC, you say we are cowards. Hmmmm!!!

By the way, In the Sikh Panth, we do not recognise democracy. Our Gurus gave us the Parliament of the 5. Panj Piaras. In the Sikh Panth, there is no concept of elections, because they can be easily corrupted and manipulated. Our Guru’s way is the Parliament of the 5, the process of the sangat appointing competent, qualified and deserving men chosen to represent their respective communities, men whose lives are exemplary, and befitting the honourable appointment. Believe me, Jagir would have no chance in any such process.

Did MGC ever implement this. Did MGC ask all states where Sikhs are have large communities to suggest one name each, then from shortlisted candidates, choose 5 respected elders to lead us. No. Never followed the Guru’s way. Because if they followed, then how they are going to ‘syok sendiri’? If there was an EGM, it should not have been to make Jagir president for Life, but have been to approve this change, that we can have a committee to satisfy ROS rules, but all religious matters to be handled and decided by the ‘Parliment of the Five’. Then this would have become a seva. And it could be rotated on a time frame.

The Parliament of the 5 ensured that no power crazy men could force their way into positions of power! The democracy that you have so much faith in is the same democracy introduced by the British to destroy the Sikh people and enslave them under puppet leaders installed by them. The British removed the system of our Gurus, because as long as the ‘Parliment of the 5’ was in place, there was no chance for them to install their traitor leaders to manipulate the Sikhs. The Badal’s and Jagir’s of this world use this same democracy as the perfect way to stay in power for ever.

And what do we have in MGC. A man who was never known to have any inclination towards a religious life. He took his Amrit only last year, despite being president for almost ten years, and that too probably to silence the people pointing fingers at him. If the Jagir you talk about is truly the man to head a gurdwara management society, then let us know. We will appoint a gurdwara and a time, where Jagir will come to deliver a discourse on Gurmat, then lead the sangat in performing the ardas, then proceed to take the hukam nama and give its full explaination. Truth is; he can’t. Why: for the simple reason he donno how! Unless he is “”trained”” to perform by his controllers so he can fake the whole exercise! By the way, even little kids at our samelans are doing all of the above, effortlessly! And this is the man “”Democracy”” has allowed to be picked to lead the Sikh community. Shame! Shame!

The fact that you have a totally incompetent man put in a position to lead what can be considered a religious society, this act itself is enough to prove our case; that this is not a religious society pre se, but a society for the administration of gurdwaras, and HAS NO AUTHORITY ON RELIGIOUS MATTERS! If Jagir runs for president of the Bar Council, we will definitely support him. He is after all one of us. But if you are asking us to approve this guy for a religious body, for religion which was distant to him most of his life except for the rituals and formalities that every Sikh is expected to know, then you are dreaming.

If there is anything that is unfair in this situation, it is the wrong man has been “”democratically”” elected into an important office that if well managed, can bring much benefit to the Sikhs. But the track record of the MGC is enough to tell us that only worse things are yet to come for the Sikhs in Malaysia!

The MGC is nothing but just another society. A society who’s job is to attend to matters of gurdwara management and administration. It does NOT HAVE ANY LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY ON THE SIKHS. It has NO AUTHORITY ON THE WAY SIKHS WORSHIP. IT HAS NO RIGHT TO TELL ANYONE HOW TO PRAY and WHAT TO PRAY. And which Jagir are you talking about? Outside of the handful of prabandhaks in his pocket, no one even knows of this guy. He’s just a big ‘syok sendiri’ in the community! Don’t believe me; well, just take him to any gurdwara in this country. And except for his chelas there, nobody will even know who this guy is. And nobody even cares. Is that the Jagir you were referring to? Why not take him to the Barsi in Melaka. Lets see how many people in the sangat even give a damm who he is.

You want more on incompetency. Well this is the same Jagir who got the whole Sikh community into trouble with the Malay majority race not too long ago. In the matter of ‘The Herald’, a tiny unheard of newsletter from Sabah that insisted on using the word Allah, the brilliant Mr Jagir exposed the whole Sikh community to possible attacks and hostility from the majority race over the use of the word Allah. Because like a big hero, when totally uncalled for and totally uneccessary for MGC to get involved and say anything (because no other religious community said anything), he went all out against the Muslim authorities and supported the Christians. His excuse, that we also have Allah word in our Granth Sahib. This is nonsense. The Muslim authorities clearly told that this matter is only with the Herald. And that is a fact until today. Have anyone of you ever heard of any Islamic authority say anything about the Allah word in our Granth?? Jagir just wanted to show us how great he is.

And we all know the result of that. The Sentul gurdwara was pelted with rocks by unknown assailants. It was in every newspaper. Obviously the Malays found out that that was the location of the MGC’s office! Many Sikhs throughout the country had to listen to hostile remarks from their friends and colleagues, damaging lifelong friendships and cordiality. We narrowly missed disaster. There could have been very serious consequences.

We live very happily in this country. The Malays hold us with very high respect. It is the legacy left behind by our great forefathers, the Sikh pioneers who first came to Malaya. And the leader of the MGC exposed us and all that has been meticulously built over a century by our and your forefathers, to huge risk.

What if spontaneous or organised mobs had attacked and killed Sikhs. Impossible? Really? Remember 1984? The assassination of Indira Gandhi? Indian mobs in KL who had nothing to do with the matter attacked Sikhs on the streets. Sikhs on motorbikes were attacked. A man was dragged out of a car near Titiwangsa Gurdwara and severely beaten. One Kampung Pandan man was beaten and killed by a mob near that gurdwara. Sikh houses were burned, Even the building of the only Punjabi newspaper in South East Asia the Malaya Samachar located in Brickfields was burned to the ground with the loss of tens of thousands of ringgit of machinery and valuable archives dating back decades. Jagir should be the first person to know what danger he was putting the Sikhs into.

Many of us from that time remember hearing that it was HIS VILLAGE IN SELAYANG that had to be protected for two nights from Tamil mobs armed with knives and petrol cans, by Sikh vigilantes assisted by police patrols. And this is the president who was there, and saw everything, who nearly put the whole kaum in Malaysia into another holocaust that could have been tragic for our small community. Last time, it was a small community of Tamils who attacked us. This time it would have been the 80% majority population. Can you imagine the consequences. If violence had broken out, it would only have been hours before SIKH GURDWARAS AND SIKH COMMUNITIES everywhere, your relatives and mine in smaller towns would have been attacked. An angry mob does not respect fairness. We wonder what would have become of Sikhs in Malaysia had that scenario become a reality. And before you my brother say that that is not a possibility, let me remind you that that scenario is played out in our country right to this day with the Chinese, the reminder of May 13 1969 at every general election. Never forget, that there are groups out there that can summon 10,000 angry supporters in 3 hours!

Let every Sikh in Malaysia remember that it was the MGC leadership under Jagir and Kala Karminder that allowed this to happen. Let us never forget that what saved us that time was purely the goodwill of the Malays and their respect for our community. We have to assume that while our leader was pushing us into the jaws of death, their leaders privately and quietly advised the community not to react. With the kind of totally blind leadership we are seeing in MGC, where there seems to be no idea, or care or concern for the consequences of their unacceptable policies, the next time we may not be so lucky.

Do you believe that the tranquillity enjoyed by our community for a century and more, is something you are willing to have destroyed by the ignorance and agenda of these group of men who have contributed nothing but troubles to our previously harmonius community. What really was so wrong in the way we practiced our religion that Jagir and his controller had to forcibly convert all the Sikhs here to their new brand is Sikhi. Is that why we set up the MGC in the first place? To make our Sikhi stronger or to destroy our community. Please answer that with a straight face.

Just one spark is all that is needed to start a full scale deadly riot, especially these days when political Islam is on the upsurge. Are you willing to risk our families, our wives, our children, our daughters, and your property into the incompetent hands of this leadership?

This is how close this man has brought us to disaster. Our humble request; remove him. Get rid of him before we have another tragedy, this time possibly within our own community. Only last year a rock was again thrown, at Jagir in HIS OWN AREA Gurdwara where he has even served in the committee, in Selayang Gurdwara, at the car in which he was in leaving with his side-kick Karminder. This time the rock was thrown by a Sikh! And Jagir and Karminder were trying to run away from the gurdwara before the program ended because they knew what was coming as there had already been a shouting match inside the gurdwara with members of the sangat when Kala Karminder tried to speak on the stage. This should also tell us how popular he is in his own gurdwara!

If the window of the car had been down and the rock had smashed his face, can you imagine the consequences of that? Can anyone say what may happen the next time, and to whom. Is this what we have come down to. Is this why we set up the MGC. So Sikhs could attack each other with rocks?

The actions of the MGC have brought the Sikh community into shameful disrepute. You think the Special Branch and the CID do not know how disunited we have become. We are probably the laughing stock of the agencies that are watching us. They are probably getting daily reports on this shameful situation created by Jagir and his controller. And the missionaries from the other religions always out to convert are happily planning their moves to take our Sikhs into their fold, using this in-fighting as their most powerful argument to convince. This fighting has also damaged our reputation with the government and our national leaders. The community that was once always praised by all other races to be rock solid is today throwing rocks at each other. Shame! Shame! Shame! Thank you, leaders of the MGC!

And who is to blame for all this sickness in our community. This hostility. Never in the history of the Sikh community of Malaysia has a situation existed where Sikhs attacked Sikhs. We may quarrel over matters within our gurdwaras, but a ROCK Attack on none other than the president of the Malaysian Gurdwara Council! And please don’t try to blame it as the case of one deranged man acting on his own. He was speaking for the whole community. He was speaking for us! It is the result of an entire Malaysian community of Sikhs who are frustrated and fed up with the conduct and agenda of the MGC. Brother, we are not the minority. Please remove your dark glasses. Since when did you become the majority?

Shouldn’t alarm bells be ringing in our community. Shouldn’t people be asking why there is so much hostility directed at Jagir and the MGC. The fact that no bells rang, and no one asked, is simply no one cares about the MGC, especially since it does not have any relevance whatsoever in the life of the ordinary Sikh. Once again, the MGC is just a Syok Sendiri!!

And now, since Jagir is still not satisfied at only being there for 2 terms, Jagir has taken the Extreme step of amending the constitution so that he can stay in power, for a third term. I really like to know what inspired him to think that he had done such great a job that he can now justify changing the constitution to cling on to power.  And after this extra term, he’ll probably change the constitution for a fourth term! And forever.

If anyone in the community can answer this question; Why do we even need the MGC? All the gurdwaras of Malaysia were quietly managing all the years before. We had no problem. Even a matter as big as the ‘Crash helmet’ issue of the 1970’s, a matter so sensitive for the Muslim population because serban or not, they still had to wear the crash helmets. But we the Sikhs won our request for exemption. We didn’t need any MGC’s help. Our elders and wise leaders from the sangat (Parliament of the 5) went to meet the country’s leaders. And we were given our freedom. So back to my question. Why do we need this nuisance called MGC which has done nothing but tear a century old successful community apart, and make a laughing stock of us! And a president, once again like in the Allah matter, who refuses to admit that he has made a huge blunder, and insists on spending sangat’s money to bring unheard of people to preach here to support his stupidity. Before he became a chela of this Black Afgan, how come MGC never brought a single person from anywhere to preach here. Now suddenly so much money being spent to bring one after another of his deviationist teachers here. The sangat must judge for themselves. There are many gurdwaras today who refuse to be members of this society. They are very nicely managing their affairs on their own.

Dear brother, Just stand in front of an image of Guru Nanak ji, put your hands together in front of you, and say: Babaji, I, as a true Sikh following all your teachings, believe that of all the people in Malaysia, Jagir Singh is the right man to represent your religion. Then let us know that you actually did it.

Before we end, we can say this. If the 125 people who attended the EGM really wanted the Cherdi Kla in our community, they should call another EGM, and get rid of Jagir and the trouble causer Kala Karminder, and you will see how everything in the Sikh community will return to normal. All the fighting will stop, and peace will return, just like a miracle. And soon, nobody will even remember these horrible and shameful days.

In your opening line you called us cowards. In our closing line, let us correct you. We are not cowards. We are the followers of Julian Assange. We are the ‘Whistleblowers’. And just like governments all over the world who have endorsed ‘Whistleblowing’ as a fair means for the man who has no other means to expose fraud, mismanagement and corruption among the people in office, we are legitimate, and our voice is legitimate. And you can never silence us. We are the ‘Whistleblowers’.

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Hard Truth on Jagir & MGC