Amarjit Kaur

by Bhau Ji


Man, entangled in the doubt-fallacy of worldliness which operates according to natural law, deserts his ‘Infinite Lord’ and lost in the ‘worldly gifts’, he simply loses his priceless life

  1. Man has fallen in love with the gifts and forgotten the giver. 676
  2. Such is this worldliness, by which the Lord is forgotten, worldly love wells up and one is attached to the love of another. 921
  3. O Lord of the world and Master of the universe, this worldliness has made me forget your feet. Even a bit of love for You does not well up in Your slave. What can the poor slave do. 857

To free (us) from this doubt-fallacy state of ‘worldliness’ the Infinite Lord sent into this world beloved gurmukhs, saints, bhagats, gurus, avtars etc., who gave direction towards divine life to man, lost in the fallacy of worldliness. In the pitch darkness of Kaljug (era) the Satguru’s, through Gurbani, blessed to mankind the illumination of the essence of Divine Knowledge with whose intuitive light the seeker can thread on the true divine path and emancipate his life.

But it is regrettable that by having this ‘Divine Lighthouse’ that is ‘Gurbani’ and by

  • reading
  • listening
  • contemplating
  • sermonizing
  • intellectualizing knowledge
  • discussing and debating
  • preaching

‘Gurbani’, we have not benefited from Gurbani’s innate meanings or the essence of Divine Knowledge and the experience of self awareness.

The reason for this is that Gurbani has come from the ‘Divine World’ and our mind is still entrapped in the gross external ‘deeds and rituals’ and is unaware and irresponsible towards the innate, hidden, sublime spiritual understanding of Gurbani.

  1. Man performs rituals and righteous deeds in various ways but know not God the Doer. He imparts instructions, but himself practises not. He realises not the essence of the Naam 380 
  2. You do not meditate on God, nor do you serve your Guru, the Lord’s slave, nor divine knowledge wells up in you. The Pure Lord is within your mind, but you are searching him in the wilderness. 632

We seem to be satisfied with the reading – listening – singing and conducting discourses of Gurbani. We don’t have the concentration or the will to practice the Guru’s teachings because we think that Gurbani’s stanzas have possibly been written for intellectuals or religious leaders. They are not applicable to us. We are house-holders.

This is the reason why, in spite of our being sucked into the whirlpool of this terrible uncrossable ocean of materialism, we

  • do not feel the need
  • are unable to create the inclination
  • don’t have the courage
  • unable to find the time
  • or make an effort

to escape from this situation through the Guru’s teaching via simran or the practice of the Word.

Gurbani chastises us as follows in this matter:-

  1. Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world has perished 133
  2. The man who embraces not affection for the Naam goes to hell, even though he performs millions of ceremonial rites. 240
  3. The whole world is entangled in false occupations and has been unable to build an awareness of the Glorious God. Swayeh Patshahi 10

The light-house of Gurbani or ‘intuitional essence of knowledge’, for it to be

  • contemplated
  • discovered
  • acquired
  • recognised
  • enjoyed

we have to go within and learn the methodology of doing ‘Simran’

  1. He, whose awareness is awakened through Gurbani, within his mind abides the Lord’s Naam. 797

But while travelling on the religious or spiritual path we need to have the right perspective and be able to discuss, the causes that create obstacles in the ‘practice of the word or simran so that we can avoid or protect or ‘abstain’ from these harmful causes.


Five devils – Under the influence and slavery of lust, anger, greed, attachment, and egoism, we indulge in the harmful company of base and lowly desires which keep us attached to the events of the past and the polluted ‘mental flights’ of the future.

  1. These five vices have corrupted my mind. Every moment they remove me away from God 710
  2. Says Kabir, the five evil passions quarrel with me and in this quarrel my life is wasted away. 482

Out of ignorance, under the influence of the 5 devils we think, create schemes, extend our relationship and do deeds, the consequences of which we will invariably have to face. When we get disturbed by the consequences of our own doings then we put the blame –

  • on others
  • on our bad luck
  • on God

But Gurbani in very clear words admonishes us –

  1. Whatever I did, I have received the fruits (of those deeds). I blame no one else. 433
  2. As the man sows so does he reap. Such is the field of action & reactions. 134