Har Har Naam – Amarjit Kaur 3Apr1993

by Bhau Ji
  1. Harbour not evil to another in your mind, then, O Brother and friend, trouble shall not befall you. 386
  2. If you desire your Beloved (the Lord), then do not hurt any one’s heart. 1384
  3. Bear not enmity towards any one. In every heart the Lord resides 259 
  4. No one is my enemy nor is anyone a stranger to me. I am a friend of all. 1299

Our attitude should be like that of a ‘gurmukh (Guru orientated) who discards enmity and vendetta’.

But in our daily life our behaviour is absolutely the opposite of this and because of that –

  • the desire to go to a satsang does not develop.
  • those do go, attend for the sake of making a show and passing time.
  • those who remain seated are unable to benefit from the pure and lofty values of the satsang.
  • the desire or the joy to do ‘Simran’ does not emerge.
  1. True is the Great Merchant (The Lord) and true His dealers. The false cannot stay there. They love not the Truth and are consumed in agony. 756 
  2. Kabir, a sinner does not love The Lord’s meditation. God’s worship does not please him. (Very much like) the fly which forsakes the sandle wood and goes there where there is evil odour. 1368
  3. Those who hearts are hard, sit not near the True Guru. Truth prevails there and the liars feel mentally depressed.  By hook and crook, they pass their time, and again, go and sit with the false ones .  Falsehood cannot mix in truth, go verify and see it . 314

But according to Gurbani, it is mandatory for us to do ‘Simran’ in the presence of the sadh sangat (company of evolved souls) –

  1. Other works are of no avail to you. Join the society of saints and contemplate over the Name alone. 12
  2. Singing God’s praises in the society of saints is the highest of all the deeds. 642
  3. Join the society of saints and contemplate on the Lord of wealth. Thus from a sinner you shall become holy. 631
  4. Win for yourself this invaluable gem of human life by remembering God in the society of saints even if be for a moment. 210


We, in order to forget the anxiety of the self created worldly entanglements or to fulfill some psychologically base (degrading) desires, we depend on a variety of entertainment or mind gratifying activities like

  • reading immoral novels
  • cinema (seeing films)
  • V. – Video etc
  • dance parties
  • sessions of card – drinks
  • sessions of gossiping / frivolous talk

Our mind is already polluted. With these base and harmful forms of entertainment it becomes even more polluted.

Under the influence of such low and base forms of entertainment ‘Simran’ cannot be done and nor the desire to do ‘Simran’ emerge. On the contrary we are being swept away towards ‘hell’ and we forget the Lord. In this condition the surfacing of

  • low thoughts
  • base desires
  • immoral cravings
  • base emotions
  • base hopes and aspirations
  • vulgar behaviour
  • immoral deeds

is inevitable.

According to our low and immoral desires there is a rapid increase in forms of entertainment of the baser kind.

These baser forms of entertainment are suicidal for our new generation.

But Gurbani is advising and chastising us –

  1. He who drinks God’s Nectar is inebriated and intoxicated. All other pleasures are but paltry (vain) O man. 377
  2. Burn such ceremonial custom by which I may forget my Beloved. Nanak, sublime is the love which builds my honour with the lord. 590

In reality our mind requires a fresh kind of an addiction that is exciting and delicious in which it can enjoy itself and remain intoxicated. Unless and until he can get some lofty and beneficial allurement, until then it is inevitable that that it will continue to remain attached in the lower and baser forms of entertainment.

  1. All other relishes which you taste O my tongue, with them your thirst departs not even for a moment. If you taste the sweetness of God’s elixir, on tasting it you will be left in a wondrous state. 180
  2. By abandoning these worldly savouries you attain spiritual bliss. By drinking this Nectar, this worldly savouries are no more pleasing. 382

For this reason, for a mind that is overwhelmed by the low forms of temptations that pander to the senses, for it to be attracted towards some pure and lofty ‘love-feelings- joy’ that is ‘supreme bliss’ of the Naam, Gurbani reveals the one and only effective method ‘The Sadh Sangat’ from which we can get divine guidance through ‘SIMRAN’ and bring about a change in our life.

  1. Join the society of saints, and contemplate on the Lord of wealth. Thus from a sinner you shall become holy 631
  2. If he joins the society of saints, then he comes to embrace love for truth. 756
  3. Standing or sitting, meditate on God and enshrine affection for the society of saints (spiritually evolved souls). Nanak, when the supreme Lord abides in man’s mind, his evil intellect is takes flight . 297 
  4. O Nanak it is a blessing of the Lord’s Love when one turns pure in the company of the holy ones. 297
  5. In the society of saints, man’s filth is washed off and the Supreme Lord becomes his friend. 625
  6. Rise early in the morning and repeat the Lord’s Name. Day and night meditate on Him. No anxiety shall befall you and your calamity shall vanish. 255
  7. In the society of saints my aversion to the Lord is gone and my soul and body are imbued with God’s love. 892




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