Rogan Tay Ar Sogan Tay – shabad by Guru Gobind Singh from Akal Ustat – sung by Gurmeet Singh Shant

Rogan Tay Ar Sogan Tay – shabad by Guru Gobind Singh from Akal Ustati, Sawayia 248, page.35.

DARBAR PATSAHI 10 semagam in conjunction with Perkash Dihara of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji @ Gurdwara Sahib Titiwangs Dec2016

Organized by Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Academy
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Rogan te ar sogan te
From disease, and from sorrow,

jal jogan te bahu bhaant(i) bachaavai||
From drowning in the water – in so many ways, God saves and protect us.

Sattru anek chalaavat ghaav
Your enemies will try to inflict countless wounds,

taoo tan ek na laagan paavai||
But not even one blow will strike your body, with God’s Protection.

Raakhat hai apno kar dai kar
With Hiw own Hands, He protects you;

paap samuh na bhetan paavai||
You shall not fall victim to any sin.

Aur kee baat kahaa kah to saun
What other story should I tell you?

s00 pait hee kay pat beech bachaavai||6||248||
When even in your mothers’s womb, He protected you.


This shabad was recited on the occasion of Antim Ardasa (bhog Ceremony) of Guru Gobind Singh on 17 Oct. 1708 AD.

The evidence is from a historical document, prepared by S.Mangal Singh of Lachhmipur (Bihar), a close associate of the revered Guru and witnessed the events of Guru Gobind Singh ji’s last 20 days at Nander Sahib (original as shown on the top half of the image with Dr Aunrag’s comments below).

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