Malechh Khalsa Lobby, active in Malaysia and USA with the support of RSS – hijack SGPC Website (Gurcharan & Harcharan exposed)


For Kind Attention of Prof.Kirpal Singh Badungar,President SGPC.12th Post

As promised I am uploading unflinching evidence on the above issue on following counts:

  1. Mr Gurcharan had confessed that he knows Mr Harcharan Singh, your Chief-Secretary.  See the enclosed post with confession.  
  2. Two partners in this unholy alliance are Harcharan and Gurcharan.  Both the names are perfectly rhymed.  See the photographs of both the underwear friends in enclosed posts.  
  3. The alleged Notice by Mr Harcharan Singh on Official Website of SGPC was actually drafted by Mr.Gurcharan according to the needs of his Malechh Khalsa Lobby, excommunicated by the Ecclesiastical Court of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib.  See the enclosed photographs. 
  4. Only Malechh Khalsa Lobby, active in Malaysia and USA with the support of RSS and its hidden agenda and infiltrators in SGPC have misused this Notice on SGPC’s Official Website.  See the enclosed post of Sukhdev Singh a senior journalist and other posts, made available on Social Media. 
  5. The Global Sikh Council and MGC had not only misused this Notice of SGPC’s Website, but have also used the photographs of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and Domes of Harimandar Sahib to show SGPC’s and Sri Akal Takhat Sahib’s concurrence with their blasphemous activities.  See the advertisement culled from Facebook post.  
  6. There is another fresh controversy on Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Intense Meditation at Baba Bakala, which again had its roots in your Official Website.  Please make an enquiry and take control of Website to avoid its misuse further. 
  7. Mr.Gurcharan was using foul language against our Gurus, Dasam Granth, Violating Sikh Rehit Maryada and 12 Edicts of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib in connivance with Mr Harcharan Singh, yet the SGPC did not take any corrective measure till date in spite of my Five Posts posted during the last 20 days.  
  8. The language of the Notice issued in the name of your Chief Secretary is the language of Mr Gurcharan and that is why I requested you to seize the important details and documents of this case, which is put under the carpet. See the enclosed post of Dalvir Singh Gill on this issue. It is further proved by Mr Harcharan Singh’s sudden and unusual keen interest in Website of SGPC and misuse of the same by Anti-Guru Panth agencies who are doing backseat driving in connivance with Mr Harcharan Singh.  
  9. I have located all the details of this Faithless and Faithless man, named Gurcharan, operating with dozens of fake IDs, but is a close relative/friend of your Chief Secretary and he was pushed to this position of admitting this fact. See enclosed photographs of Mr.Gurcharan’s address, house, location and cars.  On FB he says he is residing in Denmark. See all the relevant photographs uploaded.  
  10. For this public exposer of this Devilish mind, he threatened me twice.  You can see his printed threats, uploaded with this post.

I do not think that with this overwhelming and unflinching evidence of willful blasphemous acts of Mr.Gurcharan in connivance with your Chief Secretary there is any other option except to disown your Chief Secretary and haul him along with his partner in these blasphemous activities before Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, besides initiating criminal proceedings against both of them.

CHOICE IS SIMPLE, BUT DIFFICULT.  We are answerable to God and not to any Political Boss for our actions.

Gur Fateh,

Anurag Singh
6.4.2016. Enclosures:20 as stated above.

— with Jagdeep Singh Virk and 3 others.


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