MGC vis-a-vis GSC … THE ODD COUPLE? … FOUNDER member of MGC one of those at the HELM ?


Gurmukh Laha Lai Gaye – Bhai Jagpreet Singh

by Harnaak Singh

Asia Samachar published article on the Global Sikh Council (GSC) meeting hosted by Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) title “Sikh lady helms nascent global Sikh organisation” dated 27-Mar-2017. 

I cannot help taking note that Harcharan Singh from Malaysia is elected as the ASSISTANT SECRETARY of GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC.  See Figure 1 (extract from the Asia Samachar article) red underlined part.  

Figure 1: Harcharan Singh – Assitant Secretary of Global Sikh Council INC. 

170407 PIC 03

It is pointed out that GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. is registered as a Domestic Company in the state of Georgia USA.

Harcharan Singh is expected to have been and is on the board of Directors of the company Global Sikh INC.  He was a treasurer in the past and is now the assistant secretary of the company.

Incidentally, Harcharan Singh was one of the founder members of the MGC as indicated by Datuk Sucha Singh in interview article “Past President Datuk Sucha Singh speaks of MGC, It’s formation and direction, then and now – Part 1” (see link A).   MGC was formed following the attack on Akal Takhat whence the Sikh sentiment was hurt and the MGC was set up as a religious body.

Being one of the founder members of MGC, Harcharan Singh was a “part and parcel” of the group cementing the objectives of the MGC.  The key objectives, as Datuk Sucha Singh pointed out, are 

  1. to inculcate and promote the teaching of the TEN GURUS and the eternal principles of Sri Guru Granth  Sahib Ji, 
  2. to preserve, propagate, uphold and practice the Sikh religion in accordance with ESTABLISHED practices and Rehat Maryada and
  3. to respect, maintain and implement independence of Sikh Gurdwaras.

In his interview article “Past President Datuk Sucha Singh speaks of MGC, It’s formation and direction, then and now – Part 3 (Final)” (see link B) Datuk Sucha Singh lists the relevant Global Sikh Council INC. objectives (in relation to MGC’s) as follows. 

  1. To promote globally the TEACHINGS OF GURU NANAK, lived and exemplified in the lives and sacrifices of the succeeding Gurus up to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and no other scriptures or individuals.
  2. To follow the Rehat Maryada (Sikh Code of Conduct) passed in 1945 by SGPC and none other.

(Note: The above have been well analysed in articles at links A and B and the reader is recommended to refer to these articles for details)

Being one the members at the helm of Global Sikh Council INC. what does Harcharan Singh stand for?  

Bear in mind that Datuk Sucha Singh, comparing MGC to GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC., pointed out that “THE DIFFERENCES IN THE PRINCIPLES AND OBJECTIVES ARE VERY STARKon BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL principles of Gurmat and Khalsa Panth.  An ODD COUPLE if I may say!  

Not only that but he also pointed out that MGC was set up as, and is, a RELIGIOUS organisation while GLOBAL SIKH COUNCIL INC. is a company with a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a company secretary and Board of Directors.

Further, on the point of Gurmat, the presentations at the conference, in particular Dr Chahal and Col Manmohan Singh’s presentations, indicate acceptance of DEIST THOUGHT while Gurbani DOES NOT SUBSCIBE TO DEIST THOUGHT. (reference article “MGC GSC and Manmohan Singh … Does Gurbani preach Deism?” see link C

It is hard to fathom that Harcharan Singh, a respected senior Gurmat oriented person, would have made a U-Turn in his Gurmat related principles.  What has happened?


Harcharan Singh started MGC on religious principles and now MGC is a founding member and member of a company whose principles and objectives are VERY DIFFERENT to those of MGC.  How did Harcharan Singh, a respected senior Gurmat oriented person, and further being a founding member of MGC, allow such a situation to arise? 

How can Harcharan Singh allow MGC to even think of DEISM when Gurbani DOES NOT preach DEISM?

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