MEDITATE, MEDITATE, MEDITATE AND FIND PEACE – Lekh 114 (page 1-3) – Simran Part 18

Tera Ditta Kavna – Bhai Davinder Singh

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Lekh 114 (page 1-3) – Simran Part 18 by Bhau Ji
Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

In simran ‘attention’ has special importance -therefore, it is necessary to discuss it in detail.

When we give our attention to something, our mind relates to it or has communion with it and there is some give and take of good and bad influence. If we are not interested in something, we are unable to concentrate on it and then it has a very superficial influence on us. In other words there is no communion or sharing thus there is no give and take.

This can be further explained through some examples.1n homes when there is kirtan or path over the radio or through tape recording, members of the family are more often involved in their domestic chores or absorbed in their conversation.

In the same way when we do simran or paath ourselves, our consciousness is involved with various other thoughts and due to this our attention is not on Gurbani.

The general ‘sangat’ has the same complaint i.e. the mind doesn’t settle in simran.

When our consciousness or attention is not in gurbani or simran, we are no enjoying the company of gurbani. Due to this, we are unable to be in communion with the deep, internal and spiritual benefits of it. In this way we are without the company of the high, pure and divine gurbani and as a result we are deprived of the ‘touch- stone’ effect of it.

  1. People read, hear and reflect upon tile innumerable Names of tile Lord but they cannot experience the intuitional knowledge and love that derives from Him. How can iron become invaluable gold if it touches not the philosopher’s stone. 973.

In other words without consciousness or attention whatever religious actions or duties we perform – they are being done in absentia.

Therefore we don’t derive full benefits from the satsangat and remain deprived of the spiritual benefits of gurbani’s path, kirtan and simran.

This is the reason why compared to previous times despite an increase in

  • religion
  • religious books
  • religious temples
  • religious propagation
  • holy assemblies
  • worship
  • singing hymns
  • penance
  • rituals etc,

there is no change in our mental and spiritual state of mind on the contrary our mental state of mind is sinking even more than before.

    1. The pandit t reads the religious’ texts but tastes not their relish Owing to duality his mind wanders in worldly valuables. 116
    2. Man professes one thing and practices quite another. In his heart there is no love, but with his mouth he talks tall. 269
    3. What avails reading and listening if divine knowledge is gained from it. 655
    4. In your mind is deception and in your mouth is the divine gospel . 0 false man why do you churrn water. 656

Without awareness or attention our life is lifeless or it is just like matter. Therefore, human beings are unable to share among themselves the subtle, mental and spiritual strengths in the sangat. There is no give and take (of good influences),

    1. By uniting outwardly, the united one unites not . He meets (only) he meets inwardly. He who meets in spirit, is said to have really met. 791
    2. She who meets her Lord with her heart, ever abides with him. That is called the real meeting. However much she may desire it, she meets him not through mere words. 725

This consciousness is the one that differentiates human being from animals. In human beings this ‘consciousness’ is very acute, sharp and has subtle feelings – for this reason they can acquire lofty and pure love feelings and enjoy them in the company of the sangat. But in animals this consciousness is low and not well developed – it is incapable of acquiring subtle spiritual feelings.

Our attention is attracted according to our interest. From many previous lives our mind has been detached from the divine world and is deeply absorbed in the material world. Therefore it is incapable of acquiring subtle love feelings.

In other words without the divine consciousness has become like that of animals coarse and gross.

  1. They who do not hear the praises of the Supreme Bliss are worse than beasts, birds, and the species of creeping creatures . 188
  2. He belongs to the human species but acts are those of beasts. 267
  3. Without the society of the righteous ones , all the men remain animals. 427
  4. You are being cheated by the relishes of the tongue and sensual organs. You have become a beast and this mark cannot be erased. 903
  5. You do not ever mingle with the society of saints and are engrossed in false pursuits. You wander around like a dog, a swine, and a crow. You will soon have to get up and depart. 1105
  6. The wayward person is blind and does not like the Guru’s instructions. He has become a beast and cannot get rid of his self conceit. 1190
  7. False are the egocentrics, without the lord’s name. They wander around like demons. They are animals, wrapped up in human skin and are black from within. 1284

Gurbani suggests the one and only method of changing this animal instinct or low consciousness to make it higher ,higher and better and subordinate it to the soul within and that is –

To be continued

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