Harbhajan Singh on Fake Professors


Our apologies for getting the name of the speaker wrong.  The speaker is Dr Harbhajan Singh NOT Dr Harpal Singh Pannu. We apologise sincerely to both Dr Harbhajan Singh and Dr Harpal Singh for this error.

This error has been corrected in the article but are unable to correct the error on the Picure on Facebook.

Dr Harbhajan Singh is talking about Guru Gobind Singh’s Banee in Dasam Granth.  He talks about the IGNORANT FAKE MISSIONARY PROFESSORS who are denigrating the Dasam Granth. 

 If Baba Deep Singh states this is Guru Gobind Singh’s Banees, then who can question this TRUTH.  There is no need for anyone to proof this TRUTH least of all that from a missionary colleges (refers to missionary Kathakars/Kirtaneeyas). 

These missionaries do not have the understanding.  Do they have the research (ਪੜਚੋਲ) capabilities to study these Granths?  They can’t even read and explain these Granths.

How can you expect those who add false labels to their names calling themselves PROFESSORS to tell the TRUTH.   Their character (ਕਿਰਦਾਰ) is aligned towards FALSEHOOD, how can one expect them to tell the TRUTH.  If a person uses a FALSE name (by adding a FALSE Professor to their name), there is no need to test their character.  This person has, by adding Professor to their name indicated this person is a liar.

In his university only earned titles are used.  If one is a LECTURER the person is a LECTURER, so the case with SENIOR LECTURERS, READER, ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS AND PROFESSORS.  Nobody uses FALSE titles. 

To become a PROFESSOR one has to have a PhD and then 17 years of working in the University before becoming a PROFESSOR. 

In colleges there are no posts for PROFESSORS.   

These people have not gone to college or schools or even may not have any education, but call themselves PROFESSORS.  How did Professor Darshan Singh become a professor?  Generally PROFESSORS are eminent scholars.  What contribution has he made to classical music?  He can’t even properly sing the musical note “Sa”, being only good for sowing disorder (ਚੰਗਿਆੜਾਂ).  Calling themselves PROFFESSORS!!

Note that there are many such FAKE PROFESSORS around for example PROFESSOR Darshan Singh mentioned by Dr Harbhajan Singh.  Many of these FAKE PROFESSORS originate from the missionary colleges go around doing Katha and then PRESTO suddenly they become PROFESSORS.