Jagjit Singh – Satnam Sri Waheguru

Meditate, meditate, meditate and find Peace

by Bhau Ji

  1. Remembering and contemplating the Perfect Lord, mine affairs are all arranged. 816
  2. You arrangest the affairs of the persons who perform Your devotional service. 695
  3. Contemplating the World-Lord, all your desires shall be fulfilled and you shall not be vanquished ever. 1007
  4. Says Nanak, dwell you on Him, O man, that your tasks mayest be fulfilled. 1428
  5. The Lord automatically accomplishes the tasks of those, to whom the Name of God is dear. 638

But we, forgetting God, ignore Simran. Therefore, we live a life of suffering and experience hell – “Being entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world has perished”.

  1. Without God’s Name you shall suffer pain. 830
  2. The body, which meditates not on the God’s Name, in the saints congregation, disintegrates like the dust. 553
  3. They, who forget the Name; them I have seen being reduced to dust. 1006

From previous lives we have been keeping the company of materialism and practicing it. This has polluted the mind with the very thick filth of materialism. As though this is not enough, through our low materialistic thoughts, imaginations and actions, more and more such filth keeps accumulating day and night.

  1. The scum of so many births is attached to this soul and it has become pitch black. 651
  2. Impure is the mortal without the Lord’s Name. 651
  3. With dirty soul , God’s meditation is not performed, nor is the Name obtained. 39

To eradicate such thick materialistic filth from our minds, Gurbani advocates the ‘Lord’s meditation’ as the only effective way.

  1. By remembering the Lord, mind’s filth is removed. 263
  2. Perform God’s service with your heart, O my friend and your mind shall become pure. 285
  3. Whosoever mediates on Him, he becomes pure. He focuses his hearty affection on the devotional service of God. 290
  4. By remembering whom, my mind is in bliss and mind’s rust is removed. 498
  5. Day and night contemplate your Lord’s Name, O mortal. Through it the filthy are rendered immaculate. 1254
  6. Mediating on the Lord, the mind’s sins are effaced and the filth of may births is washed off. 1152
  7. Imperishable and Benefactor of the beings is the Lord, remembering whom all the filth is removed. 617
  8. Join the Company of the spiritually evolved souls and change from an outcaste into pure one by dwelling on (remembering) the Lord. 631

If we are hidden from the sun, we are deprived of the virtues of sunlight and experience the disadvantages of darkness. Exactly in the same way, forgetting the Lord we have become subordinate to materialism and from our previous lives have been committing sins and knowingly or unknowingly are still committing them now. In this way going through the self-lighted hidden fire of our sins.

To be saved from the physical , mental and spiritual sins or to end the effects previously committed vices, it is necessary to come out from ‘Forgetfulness’ to ‘Remembering’ which means that the Lord’s meditation is the one and only easy method which is supported by Gurbani.

  1. My sufferings, sins and afflictions are dispelled. Meditating on the Lord, all my vices have hastened away. 806 
  2. Servant Nanak has, night and day, meditated on the Name. By remembering God, the sins and wicknesses are erased (excused). 307
  3. Whoever contemplates on the Lord, he is freed from his sufferings and sins. 574 
  4. Remembering and remembering their Lord Master, they shed all their sins. 781
  5. O my mind, contemplate you, your Lord God’s Name and you shall obtain honour in the Lord’s Court. Fixing your attention on the Guru’s word, you shall obtain the fruit that you desirest. All your isdeeds and sins shall be effaced and you shall be rid of your ego a self-conceit. 1313
  6. They, who by Guru’s word dwell on God, all their sins are in a moment. 1115

In the doubt and delusion of materialism, there is continuous repetition of ‘I-mine’ which has brought on the devil of ego into our heads. This go with its ‘army’ of passion (lust), anger, greed, love (attachment), pride etc., has chained and imprisoned us. With the support of this ego on ‘I-mine’, we subordinating ourselves to materialism, carry out deeds and suffer their effects.

To be safe, from the chronic disease of false ego, Gurbani mentions the one and only method i..e. Simran.

  1. Under Guru’s instruction they who meditate on my Lord God; their malady of ego is dispelled. 735
  2. The Lord Master’s Name is the perfect cure in this world and uttering the Lord’s Name, I have stilled my ego. 666
  3. He who meditates with his heart and soul he frees himself of the burden of ego (pride). 302
  4. Uttering the Lord’s Name day and night, the gurmukhs (or the guru orientated) expels ego and cleanses himself. 1177
  5. Nanak lives by contemplating, contemplating his Lord and this wise his self-conceit is also eradicated. 1221