by Harnaak Singh

In a previous posts we showed that Ranjodh Singh, a missionary brought by SIKH NAUJAWAN SABHA MALAYSIA (see Figure 1) is a TRUE BLUE KALA AFGHANA MAN

We also showed that he rejected all other Granths with the exception of Guru Granth.

In this post we expose how UNPRINCIPLED and HYPOCRITICAL this miscreant moorakh is.

Figure 1: SNSM sponsored Katha Samagam Program

171025 SNSM Katha Sem Prog


SNSM says that Ranjodh is preaching TATT GURMAT gian.  What a big Kala Afghana BUZZ WORD to mislead the Sangat.

It is hard to believe that SNSM does not prescribe to the Kala Afghana Ideology.  

What is the evidence?  Let us see.

  • SNSM believes that Ranjodh is preaching TATT GURMAT GIAN.
  • Covert nature of the invitation of Ranjodh is apparent since SNSM did not post the flyer on its website.  It was first discovered on Autar’s FB.  Why hide this invitation from the Sangat?  Such arrangements do not happen overnight.
  • SNSM have advertised Ranjodh’s title as “Singh Sahib”.  Singh Sahib in Sikh Panth is used for the Jathedar of the Takhats.  Which Takhat Jathedar is he?  Can SNSM explain?  OR is it also a FAKE title used to hoodwink the Sangat of the high status of this Kala Afghana moorakh.
  • SNSM has sponsored the visit of Kala Afghana aligned lecturers in the past.
  • SNSM had a hand in banning the reciting of Guru Gobind Singh’s banee (encompassed in Dasam Granth) in Gurdwaras.
  • SNSM unilaterally removed Lakhbir Singh, one of the SNSM Panj Piaray due to his acceptance of Dasam Granth (see Note)
  • SNSM was instrumental in banning Niketan and SGGS Academy from doing parchar in Gurdwaras.
  • There was news floating around that SNSM was on the verge of banning DEH SIVA BAR MOHEY at the Samelans but gave up due to pressure from the Sangat.
  • There is news from the grapevine that the Singh Sahib of Pantna Sahib has queried SNSM for selling Kala Afghana books during the opening ceremony of the Kuantan Gurdwara.

We PUT IT TO SNSM that the Sikh Rehat Maryada defines Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Banee as Gurbani.  See Figure 2 which is a snapshot of the English version of the SRM at SGPC website.  This snapshot states

… kirtan only of GURBANI (Guru Granth’s or Guru Gobind Singh’s hymns)

CLEARLY defining GURBANI as the compositions in Guru Granth AS WELL AS compositions of Guru Gobind Singh (in Dasam Granth).

Figure 2: Snapshot of Article VI in the Sikh Rehat Maryda


  • How can SNSM claim thatit is guided by the Sikh Rehat Maryada” when it was a PARTY to BANNING the Banee of Guru Gobind Singh (Dasam Granth)?

What has the SNSM Jathedar and his advisors to SAY ABOUT ALL THESE?

The Sangat, who has put SNSM where it is, needs to know where the SNSM stands.



The video clip reveals the anti-Sikhi anti-Gurmat views of Singh Sahib Giani Ranjodh Singh who is presently in Malaysia doing Gurbani Katha under the invite of the Sikh Naujawan Sabha.

The video is an extract from lectures by Giani Ranjodh the main one being that held in Klang Malaysia.  

Giani Ranjodh is another of the new age missionary college missionaries who is aligned with the Kala Afghana Ideology.  For an overview of this KA ideology please see LINK

In the video Ranjodh claims that all the other Granths e.g. Suraj Prakash, Mehma Prakash, Panth Prakash, Gurbilas, Sarab Loh Granth, Dasam Granth were written to prove that Guru Granth Sahib Ji is wrong.  

The above claims of miscreant Ranjodh are FALSE.   


The below discussion refers to his lecture at Klang Gurdwara recently.

Guru Nanak’s discussion with the Siddhs at Acal Batala

At the Klang Gurdwara, Ranjodh relates the Sakhi where Guru Nanak has a discussion with the Siddhs at Acal Batala.

The question to this moorakh is “where did he get this account from?”.  

This information comes from our historical records which he rejects because he says that they are propagating philosophy which is against Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Unless he is making it up, he has learnt this information from the very sources he rejects.


Rejects the other Granths and makes misleading statement on Harmandir Sahib

He told the Sangat in Klang that all the other Granths are preaching against (Bipreet) SGGS Ji.  Then he goes on to claim that the use of “Harmandir Sahib” to refer to our highest Dharmic historical Gurdwara in Amritsar is wrong.  He said it should be termed Darbar Sahib.  

He is like all the new age missionaries creating a controversy amongst the Sangat.  

Not only that, this moorakh wants to reduce is high status of our ecclesial court HARMINDIR SAHIB by using the phrase DARBAR SAHIB for it.  Why you may ask, do I say this?  

Figure 3: HARMANDIR SAHIB at 4 am

Harmandir Sahib at 4AM

The answer is very simple.  Don’t we call the prayer hall in every Gurdwara DARBAR SAHIB?  Yes we do.  Then when somebody says “I am going to Darbar Sahib” we generally think of our local Gurdwara.  On the other hand when somebody says “We are going to Harmandir Sahib”, immediately the picture of Harmandir Sahib comes to our mind (see Figure 3).

These moorakhs or fools want to BRING DOWN THE STATUS OF HARMANDIR SAHIB.  What a shameful action hinged on their marginal intellect on the Sikh faith!

Historical account: Guru Amar Das and Baba Datu AND Guru Gobind Singh

Now he relates the event where Baba Datu kicked Guru Amar Das Ji as well as Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Anannd Sahib followed by the separation whence his sons were martyred.  

Again the question is where did he get this information from?  

Of course from our historical records which he rejects.  He couldn’t have cooked it up or did he?

One again Sangat Ji, isn’t he a HYPOCRITE, teaching us that other Granths are preaching against SGGS Ji.  AND wants us reject these Granths and only rely on SGGS Ji.  

BUT on the other hand he uses information from these Granths in his lecture.  

He, like his Kala Afghana buddies, propagates “ONLY SGGS JI and NONE OTHER” 

Why is does he not solely rely on SGGS Ji for his teachings?  

This is a very important question.  Think about it Sangat Ji.  The answer lies further down.

This man has no principles.  In his mind is “to hell with what Gurbani teaches”.  He does and will keep doing what suits his material benefit i.e. he is guided by his FIVE EVILS and his inner-self is controlled by MANMAT.  See Figure 4.

Figure 4: Inner-self controlled by Manmat

Inner-self MANMAT

This is clearly the Kala Afghan Ideology which rejects all Granths and references with the exception of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  See LINK and LINK for more.

He wants to destroy Sikh history, Sikh tenets and Sikh practices in line with the Kala Afghana Ideology.  See LINK for more on this.


Sikh Naujawan Sabha prescribes to the Kala Afghana Ideology.

Ranjodh rejects Sikh Historical records but hypocritically uses these very records for his lecture.  

He is without any principles.  He stoops so low in Sikhi Dharam to propagate the Kala Afghana Ideology, just like all the new age missionaries are doing.

SNSM belief that he is preaching TATT GURMAT gian is a big farce.

This is the irony of these Kala Afghana new age missionary lecturers.  They reject and denigrate anything not in line with the Kala Afghana Ideology they follow.  If they are true to their conviction and principles, then they should not refer to the documents they denigrate and reject.

But in the normal course of their activities they are forced to use the very concepts they denigrate or reject.  This clearly means they cannot do without what they reject.

They refer to history for their lectures.  They attend Akhand Paths.  They have a good time with their families during wedding ceremonies.  They have a good time celebrating any occasion with their friends… and the list, of having a ball, goes on.

BUT they want us to lead a solitary life; no Akhand Path, no Divali, no Gurpurab celebration … and the list goes on.

Giani Ranjodh is a TRUE BLUE KALA AFGHANA MAN out to propagate the anti-Sikhi anti-Gurmat Kala Afghana Ideology.  

This will then provide the Kala Afghana Brigade full freedom to interpret SGGS Ji to their whims and fancies.  

These people sold their inner-self to manmat.

These are the type of MOORAKHS Sikh Naujawan Sabha, Autar, MGC and the other Sikh organisation have chosen to associate with, and to bring them to spew their Kala Afghana venom to the Sangat.

Sikh Naujawan Sabha, Autar, MGC and the other Sikh organisation can’t be any better.

Do you want to support these people Sangat Ji?  You decide BUT.

BEWARE.  The WOLVES are in SHEEP’s clothing.

May VAHEGURU bless us all.

Thank You for reading.  ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ  ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ