Anantjit Kaur – Inhi Ke Kirpa Ke Saje Hum Hai (Vaisakhi Samagam 2014)

by Bhau Ji
Imbue yourself with the love of God in the company of spiritually high souls.

On the spiritual path, there are four stages of consciousness:


Whenever we are awake, our mind is focused externally and involved with daily materialistic routines.

  1. This mind, bound by worldly affairs, performs deeds. It is befooled by materialism and is constantly in agony. 1176 
  2. Entangled in false occupations and attachments, the whole world has perished. 133
  3. Nanak, the ignorant and blind ones engage themselves in other deeds instead of contemplating His Name. 648

At this stage, out mind is not aware of anything except of its own egoistic & materialistic world.

  1. The ego stimulates the desire for pleasurable pursuits which ultimately devour the mind orientated individuals. Those who attach themselves to the love of another are themselves trapped by it. 513 
  2. The erring misguided mind is entrenched in materialism. Whatever deeds it does under the influence of greed, binds it further. 702 
  3. O Saints, this world has gone astray in doubt. It has given up meditation of Lord’s Name and sold itself to worldly allurements. 684
  4. O Lord, You have misled the world. How will the world comprehend You when it is love with your illusion.92 
  5. The soul is bound by ego, the Name cannot reside in the mind. (in the presence of ego) 560
  6. The mind is engrossed in worldly love and has forgotten the Lord’s Name. O Nanak, of what use is this life without the Name of God. 1428



When we fall asleep, the film of our past deeds is played on the screen of our minds.  The whole world is involved in these two “Awake” and “Dream” levels. This materialistic “outward orientated” second love is the “Great play drama” in which the ego speaks and rules. Those engrossed with materialism are not aware of the inner spiritual life nor do they have the desire to know about this inner life. It is only some rare fortunate soul who turns his consciousness inwards and desires to play the “Game of Love” of the spiritual world.

  1. Such beings are rare in this world who reflect upon the word of the Guru and remain detached despite their attachments.1039
  2. Out of millions only a rare one is a servant of God. All others are but traders. 495
  3. O Nanak Rare is the one who meditates on the Lord. 1427
  4. Rare, very rare indeed are the spiritually high souls in this world 517
  5. Rare is the person who understands the Guru’s Shabad. 120
  6. Nanak, rarely are found such persons who do not get engrossed with the world. 297



This thought free state is known as the “Void level”. Through meditation the mind becomes one-pointed and focused and the seeker becomes aware of unlimited powers within himself and he makes use of them in various ways such as:-

  • occult powers
  • Miracles
  • Hypnotism
  • Mesmerism
  • Black magic
  • Tantric yoga
  • Power of the spoken word
  • Thought reading

The seeker may get ensnared by these attractive, unusual and magical powers and may believe this to be his final spiritual destination. In a general sense, this is also the level to which the Yogis are limited.

However, in all the three stages

  1. The reflection of Maya (Illusion) is present
  2. A part of the subtle Ego is present.

We have passed through this external materialistic world for numerous births. Due to our ignorance we are not aware that beyond this external materialistic life there is a

  • higher
  • better
  • more beautiful
  • happier
  • and inward orientated spiritual life.

Our mind is unconcerned for it has formed a habit of being involved with the outer materialistic world that it has virtually found it impossible to orientate itself to the inner spiritual life.

  1. To utter the True name is difficult 9
  2. It is only by the Guru’s grace that the outgoing mind is stilled and becomes merged with God. 1332
  3. O Sheikh Your mind is blown by the winds (of desire) and is wandering in all the four directions. Bring your mind to its True Home. Abandon your crooked ways and realise the instructions of the Guru. 646
  4. O My mind The treasure is within. Do not search for it outside. Eat only that which is pleasing to the Lord and through His Grace you will be blessed. Through His Grace you will be blessed O My mind for the Helper, the Lord Master, is within you.  The mind orientated ones are blind and ignorant and lose themselves due to their “second love” (love of materialism). 569 
  5. By uniting outwardly, You do not meet the Lord. You meet Him when you unite with Him from within.  He who meets the Lord within the soul is considered to have met Him. 791