Bibi Amrjeet Kaur 28Dec1992

by Bhau Ji

Simran 123 Part 14

The Immortal Protector is a form of Love and that is why He is known as a Loving Protector. He has deep love for his creation. He protects and looks after His beings and is forever their well wisher.

  1. His slave, He ever preserves and cherishes and with love, hugs him to His bosom. 617
  2. Both here and hereafter, my Lord is a succorer (helper) of mine. 1213
  3. You are the Beloved of all, the Cherisher of all and the Mainstay of all hearts. 1220

We humans are the off springs of God; therefore there exists in us a spark of love, affection and attachment. God, in fulfillment of His seep love has created this universe and in it He has placed the spark of Divine Love, so that He can love His beings (creatures) and His beings can in return respond to the Divine Love of the ‘Divine Mother’.

In this love there is a ‘Divine pull’ which is also called Divine gravity. In this way the natural pull of the Divine love in all the tiniest parts (atoms) of the universe

  • Towards the Immortal Protector


  • Towards one another

is present. The sun, the moon, the earth and all the stars are subordinate to this cosmic attraction and are eternal experiencing the Divine pull towards one another and towards their creator, The Immortal Protector. This cosmic attraction is said to be love, affection, attachment etc. and it is also called the Naam or Shadad (Word).

The total pull of the ‘spiritual circle’, according to some hidden natural laws or God’s Will, is keeping all the various parts of the universe in absolute balance and harmony. For this reason the whole creation since time in memorial, synchronized with the flow of the ‘Divine Will’ is running its course consistently.

When there is some disturbance in this natural balance, then panic strikes the world – as for example during earth – quakes, floods, typhoons, diseases etc.

In this way when our ego-centered mind, with God given wisdom, persistently makes statements and schemes devices and displays cunningness, all the time using his own self will, then he divorces himself from the Divine Will written within himself and breaks off from the wire of Divine love. This deprives him of the ‘Divine Mother’s “ warm bosom, love, happiness and all other forms of blessings.

If there is any defect in the electric wire, the bulb goes off and we flounder in darkness. Similarly, if the wire of our spiritual attention breaks off from God’s Word, Naam Will or Life-flow, then the darkness of ignorance prevails upon our mind and we flounder in the doubt-ridden fallacies of our ego and experience sufferings and affliction.

If we wish to enjoy again the love of the warm bosom of our Divine Mother, then we have to go inwards into our being and “focus on the Word” , through simran. According to gurmat our spiritual destination is, ‘linking our attention with the Word’.

  1. Linking the attention with the Word one becomes aware. The Perfect Lord is one, and the One is recognised. KBG 147
  2. Linking the attention with the Word, the unrecognizable is recognised. VBG 5/15

The suns rays are spread all around. When the rays are collected by means of convex lens, then they become one powerful strong ray in which the heat of the sun is increased so much that it burns paper but the scattered rays have no effect on it.

Similarly the attention or tendencies of our mind are absorbed in various thoughts or things and are scattered. Because of this, our mind has become very weak and we become upset and angry over trivial matters. When these tendencies are focused on one point, then the result is attentions. Such focused attention, generates unlimited power with which various types of mental miracles, charms etc. are performed.

By focusing this attention in the ‘Word’ the focused attention becoming electrical power burns our scattered and low desires and purifies our mind. The purified mind may experience Guru’s Grace at some blessed time when it may receive the touch of Naam and the internal spiritual intuitional light may occur. Through the ‘Word” God manifests Himself.

Generally our attention is absorbed in the miracles of the ‘materialistic world’. This is because our knowledge or awareness of manifestation of the ‘Divine World’ is superficial. In reality we:

  • do not know
  • do not see the need
  • have no time

about ‘Intutional Divine Knowledge’.

In Gurbani the intutional experiences of the Divine World are clearly mentioned but our attention does not go towards the innate meaning. This is why, doing path, kirtan and lectures on Gurbani do not have the ‘touch stone’ effect of Gurbani on us.  This state of ours is illustrated by Gurbani thus:

  1. He reflects not on the Word but utters mere words from the mouth and is engrossed in sin. 39
  2. Men read treatises dealing with three qualities and understand not the quintessence of God. They forget the Primal Being and recognise not the Guru’s hymns. 128 
  3. He imparts instructions, but himself practices not. He realises not the quintessence of the Name. 380
  4. The One Word you remember not. You shall enter the womb again and again. 434

When we study or do research on something, we come into contact with that subject and we accept its vices – virtues.

Similarly when we contemplate and focus on the Word and practice it, we easily acquire the Divine Virtues of the ‘Divine World’




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