Video showing Ranjodh Distorting another Faith and calling Dasam Granth MURDA VICHARAN.

by Harnaak Singh


Ranjodh Phagwarda is having programs in Subang Gurdwara.  See the program in Figure 1.  He has been previously brought into Malaysia by the Sikh Naujawan Sahba.

Figure 1: Ranjodh’s program at Gurdwara Sahib Subang

180623 Ranjodh Subang PGM

In an earlier post it was revealed Ranjodh is another of the new age missionary college missionary who is aligned with the Kala Afghana Ideology.  For an overview of this KA ideology please see LINK. 


I was also revealed that he classes may Sikh practices as Karam kaand which means ritualistic practices mainly of a faith.  He also rejects many Sikh practices.  For example he rejects 

  • doing paath and NAAM Simran (see LINK, LINK)
  • bathing in sarovars, visiting Hemkunt (see LINK)
  • banees in Dasam Granth (see LINK, LINK)
  • reject the 5 banees of Amrit ceremony (see LINK)
  • practices described inSikh Rehat Maryada (see LINK)
  • Akhand Path and other religio-cultural functions in Gurdwaras (see LINK)
  • our Gurus performing inexplicable events e.g. Guru Harkrishen and Chaju event (see LINK)
  • the concept of reincarnation espoused in Gurbani (see LINK, LINK, LINK).

He claims to know this because he studied the Vedantic Granths for 25 years.

In this article we EXPOSE more of his misguided preaching.  


  • distorts another Faith and
  • calls Dasam Granth a Granth of MURDA VICHARAN i.e. dead of useless concepts.


The knowledgeable? Ranjodh relates the story of sage Agastya and the ocean, which he claims is from the Puranas.  He says Sage Agastya drank all the water in two and half gulps from the ocean and then filled it up again by urinating in it.

This story is not from the Puranas but from the Mahabharata.  ‘So much for his knowlege’ on the Vedantic granths!!

Reference: The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Translated into English Prose from the Original Sanskrit Text by Kisari Mohan Ganguli (1883-1896)

This story from the Mahabharata is related below.

The story is about sage Agastya, the son of Mitra, and Varuna.  The story is not from the Puranas but from the Mahabharata (from the reference Book 3 Vana Parva Sections CIV to CVI).  Sage Agastya was requested by the deities to drink up the ocean so they could slay the enemies of the gods.  The sage went on to empty the ocean by drinking the water (the reference does not say in TWO and HALF GULPS).  The reference states

“Having spoken these few words, the unswerving offspring of Mitra and Varuna, full of wrath, began to drink up the sea, while all the worlds stood observing (the deed).  Then the gods, together with Indra, seeing how the sea was being drunk up, were struck with mighty amazement …”

The Mahabharata does not state that he then filled the ocean by pissing, OOPS, URINATING INTO IT.  The reference states as follows as to the filling of the ocean.

“It will take a long course of time for the ocean to resume its wonted state; the occasion will be furnished by the agnates of the great king Bhagiratha.  Hearing the words of the (universal) grandfather (Brahma), all the foremost gods went their way biding the day (when the ocean was to be filled again).”

There you see, this MOORAKH goes again, now FALSIFYING Vedantic records after having FALSIFIED SIKH history.

AND Mr Ranjodh claims he studied the Puranas for 25 years!  

Well he missed (or rather pissed) the mark by a mile.

I tend to think he is giving the Sangat a load of “bull****” MISLEADING them in his lectures.

Does he think the Sangat consist of FOOLS?  Is this the case?

He terms the story “murda vicharan” meaning dead or useless concept.

He is denigrating the Vedantic faith.  Is it prudent to denigrate another faith?  Our Gurus never taught us to do this.



He terms the writings of Guru Gobind Singh compositions in the Dasam Granth MURDA VICHARAN.  He says Dasam Granth is a Granth of MURDA VICHARAN.

This MOORAKH talks about Sage Agastya PISSING (URINATING) into the ocean but takes offence against Charitro Pakhan in Dasam Granth.  WHAT A HYPOCRITE?

Denigrating the Dasam Granth is also one of the main Kala Afghana Ideology missions.



He distorts history of another faith and calls Dasam Granth a Granth of Murda Vicharan.  

Mr Ranjodh claims to have studied this other faith for 25 years.  Did he learn anything?  Well he missed (or rather pissed) the mark by a mile.  Looks like he did not learn much in the 25 years!

How can anyone trust his judgement that Sikh practices are Karam Kaand which he claims he knows because of his knowledge in this other faith. 

These are the type of moorakhs the Sikh organisations in Malaysia have chosen to associate with, and to bring them and spew their venom to the Sangat.

This is a real shame.  

Sangat Ji.  Do not let these people destroy our inner-self (our spiritual being) and of our future generations.  REJECT THEM AND THEIR FALSE IDEOLOGY.

BEWARE.  These WOLVES are in the SHEEP’s clothing.

May VAHEGURU bless us all.

Thank You for reading.  ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ  ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ

(Guru Ji, Haun Moorakh Kaarey Laeyaa, daas harnaak singh)