ABOUT MIRACLES … Dr Harpal Singh Pannu says …

Video extract from Dr Harpal Singh’s lecture (full lecture at Sikh Siasat Youtube) 

Dr Harpal Singh Pannu is Head of the Department of Religious Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Bhawan, Dean Faculty and Dean Research, Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab India.  He has a PhD in Sikh Studies (1988) from Punjabi University Patiala. (source: DrHarpalSP)


Narrative by Harnaak Singh

Extract from Gurvichar article at Link A.

SOME QUARTERS have been questioning certain incidences in the Sikh history.  For example

  • Guru Nanak: How could Guru Nanak Dev stop the boulder? (see Figure 1)

Figure 1: Guru Nanak – Panja

Guru Nanak 02

Those who question this are driven SOLELY by logic, reasoning and critical thinking.  Every aspect of what they perceive of their understanding has to FIT into the LOGIC, REASONING and CRITICAL THINKING slot.

These observations are logically, reason-wise and if critically analysed fall into the class of miracles and thus cannot be believed by these people who are DEAD AGAINST BLIND FAITH (Sharda).  

These people are DEISTS (see Link B, Link C and Link D).  

Who are DEISTS? Deists believe in DEISM.

What are their core beliefs in DEISM? (see Figure 2)

  • • DEISM is a concept where God is known ONLY through REASON and the observation of nature, BUT NOT by revelation or supernatural manifestations or miracles.
  • • they reject MIRACLES
  • • they first DESTROY the existing system in order to then build the new system based on DEISM, essentially reason and logic.

Figure 2: Concepts of Deism

170422 Desim

They are doing exactly thisReject Miracles, reject Simran/Nam Japna, destroy Dasam Granth, destroy parts of SGGS Ji, destroy current practices like Nishan Sahib, Akhand Path, Madh di Ardas, Simran, Amrit etc to preach their distorted version of Sikhi.

Read about Deism at Gurvichar with the following links:  Link B, Link C, Link D

NOTE: According to GURBANI, DEISM is MAN MAT ਮਨਮਤੁ

Just because our Gurus did not generally subscribe to performing miracles (though there is indication that inexplicable events did occur) does not mean miracles cannot occur. Yes, of course if one uses SCIENTIFIC REASON/LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING, then they definitely cannot occur. 

Though our Gurus did not generally subscribe to performing miracles, there is indication that inexplicable events did occur. We should not question the inexplicable actions or inexplicable known events experienced by our Gurus or Great Martyrs who were spiritually elevated souls. We are not in a position to SCIENTIFICALLY or LOGICALLY REASON or using CRITICAL THINKING rationalise what happened. Miracles do and will occur, if we believe in God.


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