Video showing Ranjodh raising doubts on the Saakhi of Guru Harkrishan Ji and Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

by Harnaak Singh


Ranjodh Phagwarda is having programs in Subang Gurdwara.  See the program in Figure 1.  He has been previously brought into Malaysia by the Sikh Naujawan Sahba.

In an earlier post it was revealed Ranjodh is another of the new age missionary college missionary who is aligned with the Kala Afghana Ideology.  For an overview of this KA ideology please see LINK. 

Figure 1: Ranjodh’s program at Gurdwara Sahib Subang

180616 Ranjodh Prog SJaya


I was also revealed that he classes may Sikh practices as Karam kaand which ritualistic practices mainly of a faith.  He also rejects many Sikh practices.  For example he rejects 

  • • doing paath and NAAM Simran (see LINK, LINK)
  • • bathing in sarovars, visiting Hemkunt (see LINK)
  • • banees in Dasam Granth (see LINK, LINK)
  • • reject the 5 banees of Amrit ceremony (see LINK)
  • • practices described inSikh Rehat Maryada (see LINK)
  • • Akhand Path and other religio-cultural functions in Gurdwaras (see LINK)
  • • our Gurus performing inexplicable events e.g. Guru Harkrishen and Chaju event (see LINK)
  • • the concept of reincarnation espoused in Gurbani (see LINK, LINK, LINK).


Giani Ranjodh supports the following miscreant anti-Sikhi anti-Gurmat individuals.

  • Gurbakhs Singh Kala Afghana
  • Ragi Darshan 
  • Inder Ghagga
  • Sarabjit Dhunda

He calls them intellectuals, scholars who are trying to keep the Panth pure (nirmal) and unadulterated (Khaalas) because they question the long standing tenets and practices of the Sikh religion. He is not happy that these people have been excommunicated or reprimanded (by the Akaal Takhat).

He claims that those (from the Akaal Takhat and the other Takhats), who have excommunicated or reprimanded these miscreants, are manmateyay.  And he incites the Sangat to protest and stop these people (i.e. those from the Takhats). 


Guru Harkrishan – Historical Record

Ranjodh rejects the historical version of Guru Harkrishan and Chhajju event.  See LINK for details.  

Let see the history behind this event.  Briefly (reference The Encyclopaedia of Sikhism Ed. Harbans Singh, Patiala Uni, 1992) historically the event is as follows. 

The Guru made a halt in the village of Panjokhra on his way to Delhi.

In that village lived a learned Pandit, Lal Chand by name, who came to see the Guru and spoke with derision: “It is said that you sit on the gaddi of Guru Nanak.

But what do you know of the old religious texts?”

Figure 2: Guru Har Krishen Ji: “Be humble not egoistic”

180617 Ranjodh Harkrishan Chhajju

Chhajju Ram, the illiterate, dark skinned village water supplier, happened to pass by at that moment.  Guru Har Krishan asked Dargah Mall to call him.  As Chhajju Ram came, the Guru enquired if he would explain to the Pandit the gist of the Bhagavad Gita.  The illiterate villager astonished everyone by his lucid commentary on the sacred book.  Lal Chand’s pride was overcome.  

Guru Harkrishan – Ranjodh’s view

What does this MISCREANT say about this event (see the video):

This miscreant does not believe that Guru Ji blessed Chhajju with the “light” i.e. knowledge to explain the Geeta.

He says Chhajju was a scholar in Geeta because he has been attending Guru Harkrishen Ji’s sermons.  

Is he implying that Guru Ji was teaching the GEETA in his sermons? 

He has NO FAITH in the BLESSING of our GURU.  

It is that organistions are inviting lecturers of such a mediocre calibre lacking the TRUE KNOWLEDGE of, and SHARDA in, Gurbani and our Gurus, to MISLEAD the SANGAT.

His problem is to do with his REASON, LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING based Kala Afghana Ideology that has resulted in his mediocre calibre.

Guru Nanak – Questions the Sakhi about Guru Nanak and Bebe Nanaki

Figure 3: Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to meet Bebe Nanaki

180617 Nanak Nanaki Rotee

Also in the video he questions the event of Guru Nanak and Bebe Nanaki when Guru Nanak went west.  This is the Sakhi when Bebe Nanaki, longing for Guru Nanak made “parshada (rotee)” for her brother.  Bebe Nanaki was blessed with his presence on this occasion.   

He also takes a swipe at other inexplicable events in Guru Nanak’s life indicating that they are all MURDA VICHARAN.  Murda Vichar means a dead or useless concept.


He chooses to question events related to our Gurus.  This is blasphemous.  

Is he a GURU KA SIKH?  It does not seem to be the case.

There is zero SHARDA in this mediocre calibre MOORAKH.


Ranjodh is a TRUE BLUE KALA AFGHANA MAN.   True to this ideology, he

rejects the Historical records we have been known since the time of our Gurus.

This are the type of moorakhs the Sikh organisations in Malaysia have chosen to associate with, and to bring them and spew their venom to the Sangat.

This is a real shame.  

Sangat Ji.  Do not let these people destroy our inner-self (our spiritual being) and of our future generations.  REJECT THEM AND THEIR FALSE IDEOLOGY.

BEWARE.  These WOLVES are in the SHEEP’s clothing.

May VAHEGURU bless us all.

Thank You for reading.  ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ  ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ

(Guru Ji, Haun Moorakh Kaarey Laeyaa, daas harnaak singh)